$75 Meal Plan for a Family of Four

It’s week two of the $75 meal plan challenge! The grocery store felt a a little bit back to normal this week. The last few times I’ve gone to Wal-mart, I’ve really struggled with all the differences: the employees counting you as you walk in, the announcements to stay six-feet-apart playing on the loud speakers,…

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Dollar Tree Easter Basket for Your Toddler

What to do about Easter? A month ago we were planning on our yearly family Easter event: complete with massive amounts of food, tons of people, and our Easter Red Solo Cup hunt (every person, adult or child, gets a red plastic cup stuffed with goodies). But now, due to the Covid-19 crisis, that has…

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Saucy Chipotle Chicken Recipe (Only TWO Ingredients!)

If I were to write a cookbook it would be titled “Recipes You Can Make with One Baby on Your Hip, One Toddler Grabbing Your Leg, and Only Two Ingredients in the Fridge”. It would be the world’s longest title, but it would be an accurate reflection of how I cook these days. Before I had…

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Copycat Starbucks Iced Latte Recipe

What’s a girl to do when she LOVES Starbucks’ Iced Lattes, but doesn’t love the $5 price tag? Drink a whole lot of coffee, and come up with a copycat recipe of her own! This post may contain affiliate links.

Why SAHMs Need a Schedule

I always dreamed of becoming a stay-at-home mom. I would imagine what an amazing homemaker I would be one day. I could picture it: me standing in a spotless kitchen, pulling a pan of cinnamon rolls out of the oven, a rosy-cheeked baby snoozing in the corner. Ah, what a beautiful life it would be….

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Introducing the $75/Week Grocery Challenge!

As I checked out the groceries, I watched the number rise higher and higher. I had hoped to spend $75. I had planned on spending $100. And here I was, spending $150. We eat a lot of good food. We buy a lot of chicken, meat, cheese, veggies, and fruit. I make my own bread,…

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5 Things To Do Before You Start Potty Training Your Child

I successfully potty trained my two-year-old in less than a week. But boy do I wish I knew then what I know now. If I would have been a little better prepared, than perhaps I wouldn’t have had to peel myself up off the floor at the end of the first grueling day–hungry, a bit…

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Why Does My Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Have Brown Spots?

Not long ago, I was right where you are: sitting at my laptop, googling: why does my fiddle leaf fig tree have brown spots?! I have long been a fan of the gorgeous FLF. Who isn’t? It’s the darling of the internet right now: it’s popping up in magazine spreads and within Instagram squares. I…

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Answering Your VBAC Questions

I’ve received so many questions (many via my Instagram account) about my VBAC experience, and so I put together this post to answer them! It’s a bit lengthy, but I wanted to give each question the best answer I possibly could. Enjoy! How did a VBAC feel compared to a C-section? Honestly, they were both…

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My Successful VBAC Induction Birth Story

Warning: this is a birth story, and I kept it very real, including all the rather gritty aspects of birth. Proceed at your own risk! It is also very long. So you might want to warm up your coffee before you begin. 😉 We walked into the hospital: my eyes red from crying, my husband…

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