Why I LOVE Wal-Mart’s Free Grocery Pick Up + A $10 Off Promo Code


Our small town Wal-Mart, for the first time ever, now offers FREE GROCERY PICK-UP!!!

You guys, this is a BIG deal for me. So big, in fact, that I couldn’t sleep the night I found out about it.

The Day I Fell in Love with Grocery Pickup

Three years ago, I first learned about this thing called grocery pick up. I heard about it on a podcast, and then when we were in the big city, I arranged to pick up our groceries on my way to my prenatal appointment. After that first magical day, I was hooked. Throughout my pregnancy with my first born, I would regularly schedule groceries for when I had to drive to my appointments, I’d drive an hour, go to my appointment, pick up the groceries, and drive home. It was amazing.

Then last winter, when I was pregnant with my second and so sick and nauseous, I would spend all day scrolling through the Wal-Mart app trying to identify one food substance that I could stomach, I’d fill out an order filled with Cliff bars, and cheerios, and frozen fruit and my long-suffering husband would go pick it up for me. Incredible

Why We Need Grocery Pickup

I never drive in to the big city anymore, or very rarely. And we aren’t staying in Texas anymore. We are in small-town Nebraska, and I now have two littles who are hard to contain in a grocery store–and, oh yeah, there’s that whole global pandemic thing going on.

Needless to say, grocery shopping has gone from a little difficult to incredibly hard. I can’t even haul my two babies into the store to grab a gallon of milk anymore.

With my husband working 12+ hour days six days a week, and two little babies attached to me at all times, finding time to get groceries has been tough. I’ve often wished I had the option to simply order groceries online.

Throwback picture to one of many shopping trips with baby Gideon. I’m sure he started in the cart, began to cry, and so I pulled out the baby carrier. Look at those sad, mournful eyes on him. Look at the crazed, tired eyes on me. Grocery shopping with babies in tow? Not my favorite. As a side note: if you ever see a mama with tinies in tow at the grocery store, maybe give her a slow clap, or a latte, or even an affirming nod.

For years I’ve been questioning every Wal-Mart cashier within reach as to WHEN we would get grocery pick-up. They told me that they didn’t think we’d get it, that they were surprised the stores had it in Lincoln, and then some just shrugged. I could tell they weren’t as committed to this issue as I was.

A week ago, I opened up the website, as I often do, to check to see if it was in our area yet, and IT WAS!! I put in my first order within a day.

The Details

  1. You must place an order of at least $30 (via the Walmart Grocery app or website)
  2. It is a FREE service.
  3. You schedule a time slot to pick up your order
  4. You pay beforehand (via the app or website)
  5. You can make changes up to 12 hours before (so I placed an order a week beforehand, and I’m updating it when it gets nearer)
  6. You can text them when you are on your way, so they are waiting for you.
  7. You pull up, they load you up, and you’re on your way!

Reasons I LOVE Wal-Mart’s Free Grocery Pickup

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1. It Helps Me Stick to my Budget

You guys, it is SO much easier to stick to my budget when I order groceries.

Why? Because I can see what everything adds up to ahead of time, rather than counting it all up in my head while I’m shopping, and always been a little bit (or a lot bit) off.

Because it eliminates last-minute buys, you know how the whole store is set up for you to buy more? That’s why all the chips, and flowers, and pizzas, and tater tots are displayed at the endcaps: to get you to toss them in your cart.

When I order groceries via Wal-Mart’s handy dandy app, I’m not tempted! Score!

2. It Saves Time

Grocery shopping takes me over an hour every week. I find a time in the afternoon that my baby is happy, I double check my list, I drive to Wal-Mart, shop, load the van, and then drive home to unload the van.

You know what I’d rather be doing with that hour? Just about anything else.

When I order my groceries, I can pick them up with my kids in the car! So I can schedule it on a Monday, and that hour I usually spend grocery shopping on Sunday, I can spend doing something I actually want to do. Like going on a run by myself or getting a Starbucks, and working on blogging stuff in their parking lot or meeting a friend. The opportunities are endless!

3. It’s a Wonderful Ongoing Grocery List

Ever picked up $100 worth of groceries, and start checking out, and realize you forgot that one important item in the back of the store? Ever gotten home, and realized you forgot to grab dish soap or napkins or milk? Me too. That’s why I LOVE keeping my shopping list ongoing in the Wal-Mart app. Every day, when I notice I ran out of something, I’ll just add it to my shopping cart in the app, so when the time comes to order groceries, I already have my list almost all done! Yay!

4. I Don’t Have to Load My Own Groceries

With grocery pick up, the employee loads up your groceries for you! No more schlepping across the parking lot, pushing an overflowing cart, and hitting potholes while the wind yanks items out of your cart (just me?).

The employees come out, you sign for the order (except because of Covid-19 the employees sign for you now), and then they load it all up for you.

You just sit in your vehicle, sipping a latte, and listening to your babies babble happily in the backseat.

Magical? Um, yes.

5. The Free Gifts and Upgrades are Awesome

Wan-Mart regularly gives out free goodies with your grocery pick up order! I’ve received reusable shopping bags full of little samples, snacks, and coupons!

Also, if you select “allow substitutions” then you can get free upgrades! For example, one time I had ordered a six-pack of Peanut Butter Cliff bars. Wan-Mart was out of the six pack, so they gave me a twelve pack instead, but only charged me for the six pack. They will substitute with items that are more expensive, but only charge you for what you had requested. Is that great or what?!

6. What About That Promo Code?

Let me tell you something awesome: before I put in my grocery order this week, I searched Google to see if there are any current promo codes I could use. I do this before I make any online purchase.

I discovered a $10 off promo code, but it said it was only for new customers (which I am not). I tried it anyway.

You guys, it took $20 off my order.

What? Why? Strange glitch? I don’t know. But if you are looking for a promo code, try this:


I hope it works for you too!

If that promo code didn’t work, and you are a new customer, use this link to get $10 off your first order!

Do you use Wal-Mart Grocery Pick Up? Do you love it?

2 thoughts on “Why I LOVE Wal-Mart’s Free Grocery Pick Up + A $10 Off Promo Code”

  1. I have never been a fan of going into Walmart, especially after a long workday. Work 8 hours and then battle all the people for an hour while I try to get some groceries and of course I’m hungry so lets add this and throw in that to the tune of $30 more than my actual list.
    I’ve timed it and it has been as little as 13 mins from the time I leave my work to when I’m leaving the Walmart parking lot. That was pre-CV19, but still not bad. There’s more folks in my time-slot but if I can stay out of the store, I don’t mind waiting.
    And I’ve been pleased with how they pick my produce. I’ve gotten non-food items like hair ties and a hand mirror on my order.
    So, yes, use the Walmart pickup. Just don’t pick my time slot, please. 🙂

    1. Absolutely! Going to Walmart has never been my favorite thing to do either. Thirteen minutes is amazing!! I forgot to mention that, but I too have ordered non-food items. So handy!

      I’ll definitely try not to take your time slot. 😉

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