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Rest Awhile

It is a warm, and sleepy kind of evening. The thick overhang of clouds has dissipated leaving a simple, hazy summer night. My hair is hanging in wet clumps from my shower, and errant strands drop glistening bits of water next to my old laptop as my fingertips clatter away anxiously across the keyboard. The …

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Spinach Lasagna Roll-ups and Wuthering Heights {Not necessarily in that order}

This weekend I was in the mood to make something delicious, filled with gooey cheese, and comforting. Out here in the wilds of Wyoming we have been encased in fog all day, and it gives me the feeling of being enmeshed within a Wuthering Heights chapter. I look out of the window, and I see …

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Misspent Words

Misspent: adjective, spent wrongly or unwisely; squander, wasted: misspent youth. Language is powerful. Words have ignited wrath between families, began life-long romances, and started wars between countries. We deal daily with the ramifications of not only our actions, but also the things that we say. I work in a construction site where I am one …

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New Beginnings

Hello friends! There is a beautiful type of symmetry when it comes to life sometimes. Just as I begin this new creative project {the blog!} I am also living in an entirely new place for the summer. I am a Nebraska girl–born, and bred. But this summer I have packed up my large amount of …

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