Misspent Words

Misspent: adjective, spent wrongly or unwisely; squander, wasted: misspent youth.

Language is powerful. Words have ignited wrath between families, began life-long romances, and started wars between countries. We deal daily with the ramifications of not only our actions, but also the things that we say.

I work in a construction site where I am one of a scant few that choose not to lace my communication with obscenities. I am surrounded by intelligent, and equipped men who choose on a minute-by-minute basis to shower those around them with the same four-letter words over, and over again.

I do not know what backgrounds these men come from. I don’t know what words their fathers spoke over them that wounded them deeply, or where they were taught to speak with such a limited vocabulary. As I am doused every day with the same words over and over I wish that these men had been taught to be more creative in their speech, and less perpetual in their use of four letter words. I wish they had been taught the meaning of the words that they use.

Words matter. Let us not forget that we can control our words. Let us never take our words for granted. Words are powerful things that can separate brothers, unite lovers, and heal the sick in heart. Words can be either the Elmer’s glue that, in its milky-white creaminess, stick hearts together–or words can be the brand new pair of scissors that forever cut things apart. Words, yours and mine, shape the world.

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Friends, in a world where time is short, and the clock cannot be stopped, use your words wisely. Thread grace, and variety in your language. Bless others through your creativity, and zest. Expand your vocabulary. Decide to use a new word every day. Encourage others through your use of the English language. Recognize the great power encompassed in the twenty-six letters of the alphabet.

Choose, today, not to take your words lightly. Ration them out carefully, and use them well.




6 thoughts on “Misspent Words”

  1. But Bethie, I thought they were pirates that you were working with, and you know how colorful is the language of pirates. 😉

    1. That is so true. Another post for when I have more time, and have spent more hours analyzing these lovable ruffians. Although, Blackbeard Pat came to work today clean shaven. Not very good for his image, say I. He did mention that he has several metal screws in his leg {which in turn, helps his image}. Stay ‘tuned. 😉

  2. What a wonderful blog! My Mother used to work at a refinery, and was in much the same situation. But once in awhile, my sweet, conservative, straight laced, tea-totaling Mom would get very angry and let all the words she had heard fly out of her mouth, much to our shock and dare I say amusement.

    But yes, words have the power to hurt or heal. They should be chosen wisely. Thank you for such a lovely blog!

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment, Marjie! I bet your mother, and I would have been friends. 🙂 Thank you for the encouragement, and I hope you have a beautiful day!

  3. Words are amazing tools. They can build us up, break us down, empower us, or strip us of our entire being. I don’t care what the rhyme says, words can, and always will, hurt me.

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