Bethany Lotulelei

Writer. Actor. Wife. Blogging about natural living, real food, and marriage.

One Breath

We made a lopsided circle, but with our eyes downcast we did not even notice. The building was quiet, except for one errant cricket that sang on, and the faint squeaking of the roof of the theater. Our teacher silently observed as the ten of us stood still, our eyes squeezed shut, and our arms gingerly placed on …

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Twenty-Six Letters

Attempting to learn a new language has plunged me, without an oxygen mask, into a swirling vortex of newness, and discomfort that I try to avoid in my daily life. I have been attempting, somewhat consistently, for the past few months to become proficient in my fiancé’s native tongue–Tongan. And this language baffles me unlike anything else. My brain …

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Fresh Towels

This summer after  finishing a job I loathed, and gambling for joy by pursuing other part-time jobs that I would love, I have found myself working a smattering of odd, and whimsical jobs that have filled me with peace, and taught me quite a bit. One of the jobs that I have been working, has …

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