Four Wheelers: What They Taught Me About Love

A four wheeler can teach a girl a lot about her relationship with her fella.

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This past week Warrior Man, and I went on a crazy journey up a mountain, on a four wheeler, accompanied by Uncle, and Aunt on their own shiny steed. They say people come from miles around to try this path, and it was gorgeous to be sure. The views were breathtaking, the trip was fun, and the company was divine. However, this path {called Primrose–isn’t that an utterly sweet name?) was also a path peppered with large boulders that must be negotiated by the driver, and many stream crossings. My faint heart, at times, shrank within me–and my little screams of fear were caught on tape (the joys of traveling with family). We were never really in danger, but I had to bite my tongue, and enjoy the ride many a time. As we negotiated the trail, as we drove across a beautiful prairie, and as we walked along a silvery lake I began thinking about relationships, and how a four wheeler trip might just beat pre-marital counseling when it comes to teaching a couple a few truths about themselves, and about a successful relationship.

Truths learned from a Four Wheeler

  • You must trust the driver. In this case, Warrior Man was negotiating the sharp turns, and large rocks. I had to rely on him solely, and let him make the decisions.
  • Don’t nag. There were times that Aunt and I both wanted to whisper in our fellas’ ears: “maybe we should go slower? Watch that rock! Are you sure this is the right route to take?”. But I was always glad when I kept my mouth shut, let him take us the right way, and just enjoyed the ride.
  • You have to go through some trials {I.E. rocky trails} in order to get to the good part. After a long climb up the mountain with lots of rocky trails, I caught my breath when we found ourselves speeding across a gorgeous prairie. There are no shortcuts to this beauty, just a lot of grunt work, and perseverance.
  • You can choose whether to dwell on worry or abide in joy.
  • Hold on tight. A successful four wheeler trip–as well as a relationship–requires two people who are a not willing to let go, even when they go over a rough spot. If you loosen your grip  you might just fall off.


Aren’t we just the cutest? We were driving at this point. Notice my hand trying to get a better hold on his jacket? I didn’t want to fall off!



This was the beginning of our journey, when the path was fairly flat. It did not stay that way for long!




Aunt and Uncle went ahead of us most of the time, and I gauged how bumpy the ride would be by the bobbing of their heads.



There were a few points that I chose to walk. This was one of them. Those rocks were big, but Warrior Man wasn’t afraid.



I just love the name of this trail: “Penrose”. Doesn’t it sound like something from Anne of Green Gables?



Once we got to the top of the mountain we came into a luscious field. I loved this cowboy with his three loyal steeds.



At our stop for lunch (before it began pouring on us) Warrior Man got a little tree climbing in. The tree had fallen already before he began climbing. 😉


It poured on us for hours, and we were very cold, but it was worth it to come upon this silvery lake enmeshed in thick fog.



10 thoughts on “Four Wheelers: What They Taught Me About Love”

  1. After my one (and only!) experience white water rafting, I wrote an article for my company’s newsletter on the lessons it taught me. We learned some of the same things! (Especially, hang on tight). I don’t do four wheeling but my son love it. But if there are as many photo ops as you show, I might be asking him to take me somewhere.

    1. Oh, my! You went white water rafting? I have always wanted to partake in that particular accomplishment! I suppose hanging on tight would be just as important (if not more so) on that trip. You should definitely go with your son someday. Albeit, it is not white water rafting–but it is pretty fun all the same.

  2. Francene Stanley

    You’re right. Life’s lessons are a great teacher. It takes awareness to link a bike trip to the way a relationship works. Kudos to you.

  3. The Great Gordino

    I can’t believe it! When I saw the interesting blog name coupled with Bethany, I wondered if it was vomiting chicken related. You can imagine what I thought when I found out it was! ha!
    A great post with lovely pictures – some stunning scenery!

  4. Last week I drove from Chicago to California and saw many great places to go 4 wheelin, from the Rocky Mountains to the deserts of Utah, Arizona and Nevada. If I had more time I would have stopped.

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