I Dare You to Trust God With Your Dreams

I am tickled this week to join a fearless bunch of women bloggers in five minutes of unedited writing. An online flash mob of writers who are intent on throwing their caution, and perfectionism to the wind. This week our prompt word is “Dare”.


I whispered to myself tersely that my anxiety was, in actuality, excitement. I tried to convince myself that my brow was furrowed, because I was happy for the opportunity. And I tried to believe that my inability to walk into the seemingly innocuous building, was simply because I was a little early to my appointment.
Yesterday, I interviewed for a job that has long been something I have dreamed of, and something I have feared of attaining.A serious, dangerous, and challenging task: to become a ballet teacher.
Even though I have longed to try my hand at teaching this skill, this art, this beautiful form that has built grace into the otherwise crooked lines of my body, and enmeshed joy into the movements that make up my day to day, I have avoided this dream more than I have sought it. I have chosen not try at all rather than fall short of perfection.
And yet the God who sees all, saw my heart wrapped in lacy hope, and trapped behind slimy fear, and He placed me in this gymnastics studio where the girls are in need of gracefilled bodies as I used to be.
This is a place where the girls need their own crooked lines smoothed out, and their own fearful hunched shoulders lifted and straightened.
And I think I know a teacher who can do that job, wonderfully, hesitantly, and beautifully imperfect.
Come on girls, let’s plié.


12 thoughts on “I Dare You to Trust God With Your Dreams”

  1. You’ll be so glad you went for it! We should never limit God. He knows the desires of our heart, and He can make all our dreams come true. I pray He makes all His dreams for you come true!

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  3. What a beautiful piece… I especially love this sentence, “And yet the God who sees all, saw my heart wrapped in lacy hope, and trapped behind slimy fear,”
    What an awesome writing exercise and thank you for sharing such an awesome piece with the world.

  4. The fear of not doing something with absolute perfection can stop us from doing anything at all, and that is a real shame when it is keeping us from doing something that brings such joy! So excited for you, Bethie, because of course you got the job and you’ll be wonderful at it!

  5. I love this! It made me want to take ballet, too! LOL

    I struggle with the line between God-sized dreams and selfish ambition in my life. Yours sounds like a God dream through and through! I envy your sense of confidence and clarity. I hope you get the job!

    Beautifully written.

  6. I love this concept of 5 minutes of unedited writing!

    But even more, I am so happy for you to DARE in this way. What an amazing adventure. It reminds me of the saying, “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” Good for you!!

  7. Hi, I’m visiting from FMF. I like your post, it speaks to me as I am trying to step out in faith with dreams and trusting God to bring them to fruition! And you word it beautifully. God bless!

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog, I LOVE this post! I love how much we have in common! I will definitely be subscribing to your blog and coming back for more posts. I used to dance a long time ago, then chose to focus on making the music. 😉

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