The Infamous Day My Eye Began to Twitch

Coffee, and I are fair weather friends at best. We barely speak on a regular basis. But  as soon as tests pile on top of each other like a bunch of errant dalmation pups--that is the moment when I pick up the phone, and dial my old acquaintance with her gravelly voice, and oddly pungent perfume to get me through the next night, week or month.

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For the last week and a half my life has revolved around our fall show, a melodrama in which I was one of the leads. In the mornings, I would wearily attend classes, the afternoons found my sitting for hours at a time carefully curling, and re-curling my waist-length locks. Afternoon would melt into evening in which I would slather on makeup, and don a frilly costume, and at 7:30 sharp I would step on stage, and expend every bit of energy singing, acting, and running about stage. Then, in the late evenings, after the crowd had dispersed and my curls had withered into their limp glistening strands, my transformation into Actor Extraordinaire would fade away,I would be a Ordinary College Student again, and I would pour another cup of coffee while I typed away on my homework into the wee hours of the night.

Sleep, while being very pleasant, hasn’t been in much quantity as of late, but my grades are great, and my performances were fabulous so I didn’t worry about it.

Until yesterday when my eye started to twitch uncontrollably.

I noticed it when I was tutoring a student in the afternoon. He was asking me a question about the formatting of his paper when my left eye spasmed a few times. I rubbed my eye gingerly, and then went about helping him proofread his paper. Then another hour passed, and a professor came to talk to me about being inducted into our honor’s association, and as I was talking to her, and attempting to appear as intelligent as supposedly I am, my eye began twitching even more.

Sweet friend, there are few things more embarrassing than having a respected professor approach you about being inducted into the National Honor Society, and feeling your left eye wince and tremor like a misbehaving child.

And, honestly now, did you have any idea that eye twitching was actually a thing? I have heard it referenced before in dramatic literature, but I must say that I never thought it to be an ordinary occurrence. And yet, there it was, something I couldn’t control, and a very real hand written note from my body to me that while I may not be keeping tabs on how little rest I was getting, my body still was.

I could forge through the tiredness, drink coffee for the concentration, gulp cough drops for the sore throat, but in the end my body finally beat me with that frustrating eye twitch. It was a cheap shot.

So, for now, I am going to once again hang up the phone on coffee, and return back to a friend that always is there for me, whether I treat her well or not: “Hey there, Sleep. I missed you. Remember me?”

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14 thoughts on “The Infamous Day My Eye Began to Twitch”

    1. Ha ha! That is really funny. I can just imagine you up there singing like crazy, and your eye twitching away. Maybe it is hereditary! Or maybe Young Women just have a tendency to take on too much…because we are so very awesome in so many areas. 🙂 Singing, acting, eye twitching…

  1. My husband has an eye tick, and it comes out when he is tired I can look at him across the couch and know exactly when it is time to encourage him to head up to bed, no matter how exciting the TV show or baseball/football game.

  2. I love the imagery and wit in this post. But agree with Francene. Listening to your body now will save you a lot of grief further on. Ignored bodies tend to slam us into the floor with an ugly flu or something to force us into the restfulness we refused to take after the more minor warnings. Take care of you first.

    1. Thank you, Sheri! I love the advice in your comment, and I will try to apply it to my life. College tends to push a person towards the unhealthy (overcommittment, long nights, lots of stress), and it is always a tough balancing act to keep things on the healthy side. Here’s to more rest for us all in the future!

  3. I’m glad you’re listening to the twitch in your eye. I read the other day, the condition can highlight serious problems–which don’t necessarily refer to you. Your life is on a high at the moment and, so far, nothing is suffering because of lack of sleep. You should seriously consider stepping away from future involvement in too many activities. Give your body what it needs.

    1. I had no idea that an eye twitch could be alluding to something more sinister, Francene! Goodness! I definitely need to learn how to say the word “no” more when it comes to activities in my life. Thanks for the advice!

  4. Ahh, great essay with that satisfying twist at the end. I got an eye twitch one year when I was making several quilts for Christmas gifts, including one (Uncle Mark’s) with lots of teeny-tiny little pieces. I would work on them at night, after I got the littles into their beds, which is to say: too late to be working on such tedious projects. But I really WANTED to. The twitch actually lasted for years, and even now when I get especially tired, it’ll come back. You’re right about the body taking over and forcing you to rest. I hope you get a nap today! 🙂

    1. Man, I had no idea we had so many twitchy eyes in the Young family! This has been quite an illuminating revelation. Go figure! My own troublesome eye only twitched for one day, but it is not something I want repeated any time soon. Sleep is good. Sleep is good. 🙂

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