All I Want for Christmas is a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

You have pinned pictures of them on your “Dream Home” boards, glanced past them on your favorite blog, and pondered their fascinatingly large leaves on interior decorating blogs. Whether you know their name or not, these strange sculptural, and spidery beauties are everywhere these days which is usually more than enough reason for me to run away from the bandwagon as opposed to jumping on it (since I revel in being a bit of a rebel), but something about this plant has captured my heart, and my imagination, in such a way that will not let me go, no matter how hard I try.

These plants seem to have magical prowess in transforming even the most ordinary looking room into an artsy, aesthetically pleasing oasis. I am convinced that even a cinder-block, 8×8 dorm room would take on a new, and quirky appeal if it sported one of these mystical beauties.

I have admired these plants from afar, but I never even knew what they were called until recently, at which time I went on a frenzied search to discover what this plant was, where I could buy one, and how I, too, could have such a magnificent creature in my own life.

After numerous searches of “large, big leafed plant in all the blogs”, “big leafed tree”, and “spidery bush” online I finally discovered the name of this mysterious plant: in Latin it is called Ficus lyrata or in common speak it is referred to as a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree a native plant from Africa.

I love the name of this plant almost as much as I love its appearance. Of course, such a neat creation would also have an incredibly artistic, and imaginative name! In case you are uncertain as to what I am referring here are some pictures…

Mediterranean Entry by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Chris Barrett Design
Traditional Family Room by Washington Interior Designers & Decorators Kathryn Ivey Interiors
Contemporary Home Office by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Unfortunately for me these bewitching, African plants need quite a lot of sun (hence being by the large windows in almost every picture), and perhaps are not suited toward my own living accommodations presently. But, just like a camo-covered duck hunter, my sights are set on this alluring plant, and one day I shall post a blog about how I, too, am caring for my own Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree.

Kids may have sugar plums dancing in their heads, other children might just want their two front teeth for Christmas, and some adults might have dreams of a partridge in a pear tree or five golden rings–but all I want for Christmas is a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree.

You can actually buy a baby fiddle leaf fig tree on Amazon, and I am sorely tempted to get one started so that in years to come it will become the large, sprawling masterpiece that I admire. Have you ever had an experience with this remarkable plant? Are you tempted to give it a try as well? Comment below, I would love to hear about it!

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8 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas is a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree”

  1. What a lovely tree! I wish my home got more sunlight. This would be a perfect addition. I have zero green thumb, so even if I did, it still might be a struggle to keep it beautiful. Stopping by from Peony Project. πŸ˜‰

    1. I think these trees thrive in only the sunniest of homes, but we can dream, and admire from afar. πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by, Kristy! I am greatly enjoying being a part of the Peony Project!

  2. What fortuitous timing, darling daughter, as we just sat down and started planning Christmas this very day. I don’t blame you for wanting one of these gorgeous things, and I’m sorely tempted to buy one for myself, as well . . . ! Just think how big and glorious one would get if you hauled it outside every summer, too! Fun post!

    1. Alas, I do not think my current living situation would be very accepting towards this tree. I need big windows, but you could get one, Mother Dear, and then when I am home I could fawn over it. πŸ™‚

  3. I started reading this post several hours ago at lunchtime on my phone – but the pictures wouldn’t load. Now, I am finishing the post up. Oh ha ha if my house looked ANYTHING like these pictures….then I guess I could afford one of those. Well, I can dream. I don’t have any really sunny windows anyway, meaning I would need to buy another house. On second thought…..

  4. I love trees and I’ve never seen one of these before… it is breathtaking and i want one. How beautiful…. their leaves are so PRETTY!!!!! YES! Thank you so much

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