Blog Hop #3: Ready Set Snap Saturday!

As I sit down to type this morning the snow is falling in heavy clouds outside, the wind is whistling around the corner of the house, and Warrior Man is whistling tunelessly as he heads out to wrestling practice.

This week has been a crazy one to be sure. I have been directing a One Act for my one of my senior projects, and last night was opening night. To get to that point this week, every day brought many new tasks, worries, and stress. The set had to get done, a ring had to be located, a stain had to be gotten out of a costume, papers were due, tests were taken, and amidst it all I managed to take just a few minutes to snap a couple of self portraits.

Have you, too, had a week that has drained your spirit to the nth degree? If so, grab a cup of coffee, and scroll through these pictures and revel in the moments we can all take, just for a bit of sanity.

Day 1: Did you know that wearing dresses over jeans is back in fashion? I read an article about all the ’90s fashions that are back this winter, and that was one of them! I like it, because it is warm, fun, and did I say warm?

Love this little artsy dress/tunic I snagged at Goodwill!

Day Two: I tried a face mask I bought at Wal-Mart many months ago. It left my face soft, but strangely reddened. I think I had a bit of an allergic reaction to whatever was in the facemask for my face felt hot for a long time afterwards. Beware facemasks!

Day Three: The day we finally finished the set was a glorious one indeed! Scrubbed off the last bit of paint for the last time.


Day Four: I think sometimes even a perfectionist like myself has to take time to recognize the flops, the pictures that don’t turn out quite like she hoped, the times when she is trying to snap a picture of her face–and takes a picture of her nose. This picture is dedicated to those moments of my week, and yours as well.


Day Five: This is by far my favorite snap of the week. So much hair.


Day Six: Because sometimes you have fuzz in your hair, haven’t showered in a few days, but you still can make a crazy face and enjoy the day!


I only got six shots this week, but I am learning to embrace the imperfection rather than stress over inconsistencies in life. Glory in the mundane, and beauty in the flawed. That is our motto over here at Dandelion Pie.

You, too, should join our crazy blog hop so you can snap pictures, take a moment for stress relief, and just generally enjoy this thing called life!

Link up here, and don’t forget to grab the code for Ready Set Snap Saturday button on my sidebar!

Also, if you want to see more fun photos check out my Mom’s week of self-portraits, along with my sister’s!

6 thoughts on “Blog Hop #3: Ready Set Snap Saturday!”

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    1. I will have to try out those Dead Sea products, Dorit, thanks for the tip! I was so shocked when I had that weird reaction, because I have never really had something like that before, but I don’t think I will be buying any more face masks from Wal-Mart. 😉 Thanks for the tip!

  2. “Beauty in the flawed”. I am reminded of the Amish custom (or so I’ve been told) of intentionally putting a flaw into every homemade garment/blanket/craft item they make. Makes me feel a lot better when I find a mistake in something I’m crocheting and I don’t feel like tearing out 20 rows to correct it! By the way, six selfies in a crazy week is good work. Keep it up!

    1. Your comments, Alana, are always so thoughtfully written, and inspiring. After I read something that you have written I always have more food for thought than I had before. I have heard of that Amish tradition, I think it is called a “humility block”, perhaps? That is what we called it in my family. It is a wise thing to remember when we are too perfectionist all too often. Hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving!

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