St. Louis Botanical Garden // Dandelion Pie

365 Challenge: Week 3!

Three weeks ago four intrepid bloggers committed to taking a picture every day for a year. Why did they decide to do this, you ask? Were they bored with their daily lives? No. Did they need something else to squeeze into their already too full twenty four hours? Absolutely not. Were they in fact, a bit crazy? Undecided. One thing is certain–these bloggers, insane or no, were intent on living life fully, capturing beauty daily, and using their cameras despite all odds. These gals wanted to live life. And capture it too.

I am one of those bloggers. My pictures are below. If you feel a yearning for adventure you should check out these other posts: Amy’sAmalia’s, and Sarah’s!

But be forewarned. Once you gaze at these pictures–beauty and insanity mixed in an intoxicating elixir--you, too, will want to pull out your camera for a little art making session. If you do, leave your link below.

365 Days of Pictures // fiddle leaf fig tree

Setting up a home has been so much fun for me. I love having plants growing on my windowsill, a Kitchenaid mixer sitting in the kitchen, new little knickknacks ready to be hung on the wall. I have been in college the last three years, and have been moving from place to place every three months. Which, I believe, is a worthwhile experience. However, my spirit has been feeling so ready to nestle down in my own little abode. Married life is just the best. ‘Nuff said. Bonus points if you already spotted my fave Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Baby Figgy) in this pic.


Warrior Man has the heart of an artist, and a passion for hymns. He has been spending long hours every day arranging a selection of forgotten hymns for a new group he is starting on campus this year. He sits at the computer, his arms conducting in wide brave sweeps through the air, his hymnal propped up on the desk with a few stamps (my lil’ bro Mack gave me for my Bday!) holding everything in place. Art is important, y’all. Sacred art even more so.IMG_20150825_121431440

When I was little my Mom used to try to put my hair in a ponytail, and I would protest vehemently (well, as vehement as this Conflict Avoider gets I guess) for her to braid my hair instead. Two decades later I still am rocking that braid. It’s just the best. IMG_20150825_090451890_HDR (2)My Dad made these awesome coffee roasters for us all (since freshly roasted coffee is a need, not a want in my family). We have been using up all our sub par coffee, but this past week we finally broke out the green coffee beans, and roasted them for morning cup of coffee. I don’t think we will ever go back to Folger’s. IMG_20150825_121545325_HDRBack to nesting. 🙂 My sweet friend Samantha gave me this awesome little ring holder (you can find it on Amazon here). This plucky little seal sits neck to my sink, and I looove him. IMG_20150823_132513204This past weekend we took a quick trip to St. Louis to see my our new little nephie. My hubs drove the whole way while I read, watched movies, and read some more. It was tough for me, but I made it through with copious amounts of snacks.IMG_20150824_094710While in St. Louis we went to the top of the arch. I got a bit claustrophobic in those tiny little pods that take you up there (Star Trek, anyone?) but it was totally worth it. Also, for my mainland friends, this sign my hubs is making is called “shaka”. It means “hang loose” (also associated with friendship, joy, etc..) and is a part of the Hawaiian culture. And no, I had never seen it before I met him either. Us landlocked Nebraskans don’t meet a lot of Hawaiians. Dontcha know. But sometimes a Nebraskan gal will meet just the right Hawaiian, and it will change everything.St. Louis Botanical Garden // Dandelion PieBonus Picture! While in St. Louis we went to the Botanical Garden, and their happened to be a Chinese Lantern exhibit going on. In that exhibit there was a field of (ta da!) dandelions. Naturally I had to have my fella snap a picture. Also, they remind me of something Dr. Suess would have drawn. So fun.

How was your week? Have you been taking lots of pictures lately? I would love to see them!

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  1. The fun thing about this assignment (one of the fun things!) is getting a glimpse of the world through your eyes, Bethie. And it’s also fun to see what you’ve been up to! I love those huge dandelion fluffs! Such a fitting picture for your blog!

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