My Week in Pictures (with a few words thrown in for good measure)

Snapping a Picture Every Day for a Year

This second week of the photography challenge went by crazy fast! I don’t know about my fellow photographers, Amalia, Mom, or Sarah, but I had a bit of a difficulty daily snapping a picture this week! Whew! However, with the help of my phone, I was still able to make the deadline.

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Warrior Man had an eye exam this week so we drove to a nearby town to go to the local clinic. When we walked in the door I talked to the receptionist and then we sat down. I grabbed a magazine to read, and Warrior Man leaned over and said:

“Hon, we are going to pretend I don’t know any English and you’re my translator! It’ll be fun! Deal?”

He reached out his hand for a fist bump. I stared at him, my eyes filled half with excitement and the other half horror. I laughed at him, but he wasn’t making a joke. His eyes twinkled, he was chuckling to himself, and when I tried to talk him out of it, he looked at me with blank eyes and said

“I no speak any English…”

What is a woman to do when her man asks her to pretend like she is his translator?

They took us back into an examination room and every time the gal taking his blood pressure would say something to him he would look over at me, with confused eyes, and I would answer all the questions for him. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I was having trouble keeping a straight face. Then, finally, the bewildered nurse lady left and the doctor came in, and Saia started talking to him. In English. It is a good thing too, because I might have broken down into loud guffaws. Theatre Major or no.

I am grateful every day for this crazy man I call my husband. I have no doubt we will continue getting in shenanigans even when we are in a nursing home together. 


A few months ago I wrote about my longing to own a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. My Birthday was last week, and what was one of the presents from my sweet Mom? You guessed it! The plant I have crushed on for a year. Figgy and I are going to be great friends, I can tell. IMG_20150817_111401038[1]Besides making me practice my improv skills on short notice in the eye doctor’s room Warrior Man also did a great job supplying me with lunches all week as I worked longer than normal hours. One day he brought me Subway, and these chips. Now, normally, I am a gyro fanatic–but these chips were, in a word, misery. Not sure I can look gyros in the face for awhile. Oy vey.

I just want to point out this is what a gyro should really look like. This is one of the myriad pictures I took on Warrior Man and my honeymoon. We ate at Brandy’s Gyros near Hoffman Estates, and even though I was dubious walking into the establishment, I was won over by their fries and gyros. Gyros are not meant to be made out of potatoes. IMG_20150728_124152827[1]

In a perfect world I think everybody would receive a few handwritten notes of encouragement every day. There have been a few cards coming in with wedding gifts, and congrats–and I just loved receiving this hand lettered note from my friend Sadie. Sadie and I were besties when we were eight years old, and though I moved away we still have stayed in touch, and even managed to get coffee. We need to make that happen again soon, stat!lotuSince becoming a Chiropractor’s Assistant I have learned a lot about insurance. This past weekend I went to the Embassy Suites and attended a Chiropractor’s Conference. I took notes through eight hours worth of speeches on insurance and being a CA. I was thankful for all the snacks and goodies they provided including HUGE barrells full of cheesy popcorn and goldfish! Score!

Do I enjoy taking pictures of food or what? Are you hungry yet, sweet reader? This was my first week receiving a Bountiful Basket, and we have been enjoying the sweet strawberries, mangoes, and carrots (and more!) it contained. IMG_20150817_111727175[1]It was my Grandma’s Birthday this past weekend and we all gathered together to celebrate with pulled pork, peach cobbler, and ice cream. I don’t ever want summer to end. Here is a pic of a few of my aunties, Mom, and the Birthday Girl herself!
IMG_20150816_181314654_HDR[1]Did you get a chance to snap any pictures this week, friends? If you did, write a post about it, and link below! Also, if you have an opinion on those gyro chips, feel free to chime in.

18 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures (with a few words thrown in for good measure)”

  1. Beautiful post!! Good luck with the photo challenge I tried it once and I know how hard it is, but I am sure you will manage. Can’t wait to see more.

    x, Juliet

  2. I guess I should try to join in the fun, but I find that most of my pics would be homeschooling ones! I love that you finally got that plant you had wanted forever! I think that must have been one of the first posts (or near one of the first posts) I read on your blog. You really wouldn’t have much to comment on my blog if you visited (this past week was a rough week, and this week…well, let’s just say it’s moving forward! 🙂 ). I love your pictures and can’t wait to see more! Have a blessed week!

  3. We’re in trouble: we didn’t buy this potato chip flavor but we bought the NY Reuben and Biscuits and Gravy that they introduced at the same time. Haven’t tried either yet but I’m kind of dreading it now. On the other hand, I loved the Lays Chicken and Waffles from last year.

  4. Aaaagh! I took my photos this week but I’ve still got to write the post about them. Well done, Bethie. 2 weeks down and only 50 to go! *fist bump* We are doing this! (I don’t know how anybody ever came up with gyro flavored chips. Really, I truly love, say, a good banana split but I’d never try to flavor potato chips with banana split flavoring!)

  5. Good luck! I did 365 when I was in college and am currently doing a 52-weeks project I always find it difficult to keep up in the winter, I just want to be lazy and not go outside and be productive.

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