25 Things I am Going To Do Once I Graduate College

25 Things I am Going to Do Once I Graduate College

My college life is quickly drawing to a close. A few more papers, two more monologues, and a couple of tests and I will be a college grad.

When I graduated high school back in 2010 I was a mess. I loved my years in high school. I had a wonderful family, awesome friends, and I knew who I was. I just could not even fathom going to college. It took me a few years to work myself out of this funk, and a long time to feel comfortable as the new, college-age, me. That transition was really, really rough, because I did not want to let go of the past.

My next major transition, getting married, came pretty easily to me. This third transition–graduating college–is not something I am dreading, but something I am looking forward to! I feel ready.

In two weeks I will be a college grad, and I am so enthused about it!

As I prepare myself for this next transition I am focusing less on things I leave behind, and more on all the fun things I can do once I graduate! I have sacrificed a lot in order to get this degree, and I am looking forward to graduating and focusing on new things!

Here are 25 things I am going to do once I graduate college in two weeks.

  1. Sleep in. Let’s be real–the last five years have really just been one long sleepless night. I was {am? Was? When does it turn from “am” to “was”?} a Theatre Major at a small college, and performing arts majors are involved in everything, because there are only so many of us! I chose to not only be involved in everything, but also put a lot of pressure on myself to keep a great GPA. Which means I didn’t sleep much.
  2. Spend more time with friends, and fam. Hubs and I want to travel to see his family more often, and spend more quality time with our friends and my family!
  3. Exercise, I hope. I was an avid runner all through high school, but college hit and I didn’t exercise much anymore. I miss my proudly won biceps, and muscular calves. Hopefully I can regain some ground!
  4. Start a Bible Study. I LOVE the Beth Moore studies, and I would love to start a group to go through one of her Bible studies.
  5. Figure out this Healthy Food Thing. My Mom raised us to be pretty healthy eaters, and I really want to learn more about nutrition, vitamins, and natural living. I read a lot of health-related blogs including my Mom’s blog, and the Humbled Homemaker, and I am longing to make some changes in the Lotulelei household. As a college kid, I am lucky to simply be meal planning and getting a few dishes on the table, but once I graduate I want to take this to the next level.
  6. Learn how to play tennis with my hubs. Warrior Man, like my Dad, is very good at tennis! I really want him to teach me, but we have never had the time. This is going to happen once we graduate!
  7. Learn Tongan. We want to raise our future kid bilingual, and I do have the Tongan textbook, and CDs but I have never really fully committed to learning it, because I have been so busy with classes! Once I graduate, I really want us to start speaking Tongan for a few hours every day so I can practice more.
  8. Have a baby. Or two. Or six. “First comes love, then comes marriage…” eventually we want to start a family.  ‘Nuff said? ‘Nuff said.
  9. Go ice skating. There is a new rink that opened an hour away, and I want to go!
  10. Become debt-free! I can’t wait for the day when all our loans will be paid off! I went through the Dave Ramsey course when I was in high school, and I am so ready to scream “We’re Debt Free!!”
  11. Build a savings account. Hubs and I are getting better at living frugally, and I am hoping in the next few years we can build up some savings.
  12. Buy a new vehicle. My faithful car, Petal, has been my mainstay these past five years. I got her the day before I left for college. She is slowly gaining in miles (160,000) and I know her days are numbered.
  13. Stay on top of the laundry. As a college student I have never figured out how to consistently do laundry. Life is just so crazy. I am looking forward to getting into a routine in this area.
  14. Take a photography class online. There are so many wonderful classes out there, and I am longing to understand my camera more!
  15. Start a photography business. This past semester I have begun dabbling in photography, and I am hoping to launch a business officially this spring!
  16. Write my wedding thank you cards. It is going on five months, and I still haven’t done this. Eep! I got all my wedding shower thank you cards done, but I need to get all my wedding cards done too.
  17. Invest more into Dandelion Pie! I have so many dreams for this writing space, and once I am done with classes I can’t wait to start accomplishing a few of them!
  18. Make something. Anything. If you follow me on Pinterest you will notice my rather large DIY board filled with great ideas! Have I done any of them? No. I can’t wait to start a few projects!
  19. Go on a trip for our 1st Wedding Anniversary. I am already dreaming about where we will go in July 2016. Hey, it is never too early to plan, right?
  20. Make my hair look pretty. My waist length hair pretty much lives in a bun. All the time. Because who has the time? I am looking forward to trying out some of these ideas.
  21. Perform You’re So London with my sis. My sister always wanted us to learn and perform this song for a talent show, and I would like to do just that!
  22. Decorate our Apartment. We will probably only be in this apartment for another year to year and a half (once hubby graduates), but I still would like to get a few pics on the wall!
  23. Move somewhere with more windows. I am learning that I love plants. How could I not with my Mom and Grandma? 😉 I have as many plants that fit in front of our three small windows. Our apartment is a loft which is very cozy, but not very light-filled. my baby fiddle leaf fig tree, money tree, orchid, and mystery plant (someone gave it to me, and I have no clue) are all fighting for the light.
  24. READ. Read. READ. I miss non-textbook books.
  25. Go to Europe. Someday soon. Once it is safe again. And we have the savings for it. Yes.

There are so many other things I want to do as well, but this list is long enough!

What are some things you did once you graduated college or…if you haven’t yet…what are some things you are looking forward to doing? 

14 thoughts on “25 Things I am Going to Do Once I Graduate College”

    1. Yes, yes, yes! Nathana I would love to photograph your family, and of course take lots of baby pictures! My rates are extremely low since I am just practicing right now. If you are ever in the area, let me know!!

  1. Non-textbook books, yessss!!! I pretty much didn’t read any during college. I graduated in 2012, and actually started my blog the week after I graduated–I can’t imagine how college bloggers do it, the idea of writing for fun while writing all those papers was just too much for me! 🙂 Love this list of what to do next!

    1. My blog has not received all the attention it deserves during college! It was good to have a creative outlet, but weeks would go by (or even months) without posting sometimes because of all the collegiate writing that had to come first! I am excited to stick to a schedule with my online writing space now that college is o’er!

  2. This is a great list! I had to laugh at a few things (like sleep in!) that I totally was looking forward to when I was close to graduation. As for the last one, I’m really curious why you imply Europe is not safe right now? I’m writing a post on “traveling under the threat of terror” and I’d be curious your perspective, being in the States right now. We’re in Europe this year and have felt pretty safe, but I know it did shake us up in a different way when Paris was attacked last month (vs what we might have felt if we’d been back in AK).

    1. That is an excellent question, Linda! I think quite honestly it is the media that keeps things fresh in my mind in regards to the dangerous situations in Europe. Of course we all know about the horrific terrorist attacks in France, and just a general sense of unrest right now. I can’t wait to read your perspective!

  3. GURL. THIS LIST IS MY EVERYTHING! Do we have the same brain!? I am a few years “ahead” of you, but not really in my life list considering so many of these are mine as well. Although I DID go to Europe right after Christopher and I got engaged and it was AMAZING! Very very worth it!!!

    I’m also obsessed with Dave Ramsey and I sure have NOT finished our wedding Thank Yous, so don’t sweat it. You’re a gem and you’re killin’ this life thing already 😉

    ALSO move to NH and do the Bible Study with me, pretty pretty please?!?! ahaha A girl can dream, right? 🙂

    1. Ha ha! I think we have definitely confirmed that we are soul sisters, Grady. We just have so much in common! I really, really, really want to go to Europe soon! Where did you go? Write a post about it? Pretty please?
      I am so glad someone else hasn’t completed their thank you notes either! Someone told me I have a year to get that done, so I am standing by that!
      Wouldn’t that be fun?! I would love to do a Bible study with you! Maybe we could meet half way between NE and NH–that would be Ohio! Whaddya say? 😉

  4. Wow! What an amazing list! I am smiling just imagining your ticking them off, one by one! And how fun to have such a sweet hubs now to do all those fun things with you . . . well, most of them. It’s so much fun to dream and a big transitional point like graduating from college is the perfect time to set some new goals and accomplish them! You go, girl–college grad!

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