I linked up this week to show my favorite picture from the whole week! My Tongan fella, and his brother in law. :-)

{this moment}

I am joining Amanda, my Mom, and my sister in celebrating one beautiful moment from this week, caught through photography. Life is a beautiful tapestry of significant stitches in time. I am guilty of rushing forward without pausing to savor the now. Don’t let your busyness slay your appetite for the beauty of today. Here is one of the many moments from this week I am grateful for.

My future brother-in-law, and my Warrior Man.
My future brother-in-law, and my Warrior Man.


14 thoughts on “{this moment}”

  1. What a stunning photo. You’re so right about the importance of taking a moment to enjoy the beautiful things in life. There can be incredible beauty in such a small thing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your moment brings to mind the times I spent shaving my sons hair and then my daughter and son took over those duties for our nephew when I wasn’t able to complete them any more.
    It is always much easier when they are not crying.
    Lovely photo.

  3. Beautiful photo that at first glance seems intense but also shows such care and attention! But what I loved most were your written words at the beginning – poetic and well put. Thanks for the reminder to pay attention to the small things.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Minette! I loved having my future brother-in-law visit for a few weeks. It was neat to see my fiance and him together. 🙂 Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  4. They both look so solemn! I imagined that they laughed the entire time they are together! This moment must have been an unusual one. Sweet photo, Bethie.

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