Old Fashioned is my new favorite movie!

Why I Chose to Skip Fifty Shades of Grey and See Old Fashioned Instead

We weren’t even supposed to go to the movies that day.

We were two giddy college students gleefully embracing our first day of spring break. He was battered and bruised from a tough National wrestling tournament–his lip swelling dark purple from a cut. I had a box of tissues firmly attached to my hand–a hacking cough that even the strongest medicine could not assuage.

We were on our way to supper when, strangely enough, we both realized we weren’t hungry, and inexplicably turned the car around.

In this small, drowsy town we have been living in if you are too sick to bowl, too full to eat, then the remaining option is to see a movie. Unless you want to go cow tipping…

The only movie playing had started ten minutes earlier, “Old-Fashioned” was its name, so we shrugged our shoulders, grabbed a bag of popcorn and snuck into the theater and sat down behind an elderly couple–the man slumped down in his seat in resigned apathy.

The first few minutes of the movie almost drove us out again, on the street, looking for something to do, but we stayed. Within fifteen minutes the beauty  of the story began to unfurl, and our lives were on their way to being touched forever.

The complexity, and grace that flowed from the movie screen into my heart made the twenty hard earned dollars utterly worth it. The strength and humor of the supporting actors carried the movie even though the lead character’s acting skills needed polish. The wisdom imparted through this all-too-often faulty medium was profound.


This movie made one bruised Wrestler, and one sick Gal laugh in the opening scenes, furrow our brows in the middle, and develop a suspicious glassy nature to our eyes in the closing credits.

In this day and age when the most popular movie out there is one about male dominance, abuse, and twisted view of love {yes I am looking at you 50 Shades} this movie dared to stand up against Goliath, and win.

‘At the end of the day, if even one single soul is moved toward greater healing and wholeness rather than greater physical objectification or emotional damage—by our film or by the cultural discussion that is already happening because of our refusal to bow our knee to Fifty Shades—we win. –Rik Swartzwelder, writer, director and lead actor of “Old Fashioned”.

See this movie because only when we support Christian movies with dollars can acting get better. See Old Fashioned because even though many are going to see Fifty Shades, the lead actresses’ own family is too ashamed to watch it, and we should be too.

See this movie because none of us need more grey areas in our lives–we need our grey areas illuminated by light.

See this movie because it promotes respect for women.

[Tweet “”When did treating women with respect become a joke?”-Old Fashioned”]

See this movie because a row of high schoolers chose to watch a movie about a God-written love story when they could have seen something darker. See this movie because it will fill your heart with hope which is a precious commodity these days.

Just see this movie. And if you have a box of tissues next to you, because of a runny nose? All the better.


16 thoughts on “Why I Chose to Skip Fifty Shades of Grey and See Old Fashioned Instead”

  1. This is beautifully written! I am glad to know that there is a movie out there that is able to send a positive, opposing message to the one that 50 Shades of Grey sends out. I will have to watch “Old Fashioned.” Thanks for sharing!

    Olivia (www.vickiandlivi.com)

  2. I had never heard of this movie before. We live in China, and not all Western movies come out here, either because of lack of audience or censorship. 50 Shades didn’t come out here, either, so I suppose censorship isn’t always inconvenient…

    1. It is not a bad thing to be protected from some of the sketchy films that are being produced these days, Rachel. I spent some time on your blog, and I love it! What an adventurous life you lead! I will definitely be reading your posts. 🙂

  3. Bethany,
    I saw a trailer that really piqued my interest in this movie, and now that I’ve read this, I really need to see it! (Also skipped 50 Shades. ick.)

  4. I saw a preview for this movie yesterday, before which I had never even heard of it – I wish films that portrayed healthy relationships were publicized half as much as the movies that clearly do not. Happy to hear it was uplifting as well as entertaining! Enjoy spring break!!

    1. I agree wholeheartedly, Brianna! It is a shame that you have to really search for the movies that uphold healthy relationships. Alas. Hope you had a fabulous spring break as well!

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