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Are you Interested in Starting an Etsy Shop? Plus a Giveaway!

Did you know women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreunears in America? Because of the internet, and the fact the world is becoming increasingly flat (meaning everyone is on the same playing field because of the web) women are flourishing in business like never before!

This semester I have been taking Intro to Business, and I have to admit I am loving this class. Studying how many massive corporations began in someone’s garage has really made me want to learn more about business, and start one of my own someday.

One venue that is gaining a lot of popularity is Etsy. Today I am interviewing one of my favorite Etsy shop owners, and running a sweet  little giveaway for you, my faithful readers!
Here is my interview with Dana on being a small business owner. Check it out, and then enter the giveaway below!
1. What inspired you to start your Etsy shop?
I knew about Etsy since high school but never pursued it for my own shop. Once I hit college, I really needed a balance between my academic life and my personal life. I naturally began to gravitate towards crafting and art again as a creative outlet and past time. Once I started on Etsy, it slowly but surely turned into a small business to support my well-being and education.
2. Tell me a little about yourself.
I’m a 23 year old artist and Pre-Occupational Therapy Student. I’m a strong believer in community and supporting one another so I also run an art and lifestyle blog called Cheers to Novelty. I get to share my art projects while working with small businesses and artists all the time.

3. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start an Etsy shop?

Don’t be afraid to try it out and see for yourself if Etsy is the right platform for you.
You can also get free listings if it’s a financial struggle to try out a shop through anyone already on Etsy.
Make sure you dive into this project knowing yourself as an artist and business person so that you can promote a clear message through your line of work. Don’t worry about competition and focus on your craft by bettering yourself and shop everyday. Good luck!

4. What has been your best seller?

This answer definitely changes from time to time but an overall best seller are definitely my Konoha Naruto earrings and necklace.
Naruto is a Japanese manga and now anime series that it popular worldwide so it’s always cool connecting with geeky fans around the world!
Trinkets by Dana
I am a big fan of The Little Mermaid, so the fact that Dana calls this sterling silver necklace a “Dingle Hopper Ariel Necklace” just makes me believe Dana and I should be friends.

5. Can you offer a discount for Dandelion Pie readers or do you have a sale any time soon?

DANDELION15 for 15% off your entire order. 🙂

6. You have a variety of different types of items in your shop. Which is your favorite to make?

I do don’t I? I knew from the gecko that I didn’t know what my shop would be about because I was interested in SO many things. This was how “trinkets by dana” was born. I honestly think I enjoy everything I make in the shop equally. It’s good for different moods so sometimes I lean towards jewelry and at other times, I want to fold paper.

7. How did you learn origami?

I learned a few origami projects like star and crane folding starting from late elementary school. I picked it up again during college and decided to work with my own paper colors and even custom printed words so that I could take origami stars to the next level as party/event decor. Over time, I learned new origami through custom order requests.
Now for the giveaway! Three pairs of silver plated earrings made for you by Dana! These earrings have an adventurous theme to them: birds, moons, to music. Enter below!

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23 thoughts on “Are you Interested in Starting an Etsy Shop? Plus a Giveaway!”

  1. My favorite is the Teal Rain Cloud silver earrings. A woman in my neighborhood makes those tiny origami stars, and uses them along with beads to make dangle earrings. I bought some, and I like that they are lighter in weight then most French wire earrings that have all glass or stone beads.

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  3. I just love this post! Etsy is such a great place to do business, you can find the most unique handmade things there! My favorite item: hmm, I like them all, but I especially like the Ariel necklace!

  4. When I was in college (40 plus years ago), I tried a side business of crocheting. It didn’t last long, for various reasons. Etsy would have been so helpful to have to help sell my goods. Women have always been craftspeople, doing what they needed to do to support their families.

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