Warrior Man placed 2nd at Regionals!

Wrestling, Theatre, and Sewing Coyote Tails

This week has been a landslide of creative projects, homework, and more! I am in two shows this week, have been balancing homework, tending to Warrior Man who has been under the weather, and teaching ballet class. Whew!

Last weekend Warrior Man competed in Regionals–and took second place! He is headed to Nationals in a week, and we are all super duper excited!

Beauty and the Wrestler
Pic by Hannah G.

This is our last week of rehearsal for the YC Traveling Children’s Theatre. We start touring this next Tuesday! This year we are performing Wild Pecos Bill in over 20 schools. I play a cowboy, a fiddle player, Pecos Bill’s mother, and {my favorite role} a horse!

I have ALWAYS wanted to wear a mustache! I love it. I might just wear it in my wedding I love it so much. ;-) Pic by A. Edmonds.
I have ALWAYS wanted to wear a mustache! I love it. I might just wear it in my wedding I love it so much. πŸ˜‰ Pic by A. Edmonds.

I have also been on the tech crew for this year’s spring show–The Rhinoceros. I decided not to audition for this show, because of The Year of No, but I am lovin’ being a techie. All the time backstage has been useful too, last night during the show I managed to sew clips six coyote tails, and construct one cactus leaf for children’s theatre. Theatre majors get all the fun.

While I was at rehearsal one night Warrior Man snuck in, and placed an orchid on my coat. When I got out of rehearsal, all disheveled and tired I just gaped at that beautiful flower for awhile, in wonderment. Now I just have to figure out how to keep it alive…{cue the ominous music}…

Warrior Man brought me an orchid!

Speaking of flora, I planted some cilantro, and daisy seeds awhile back, and they began sprouting today! Huzzah! Sometimes all a gal needs to pull through another cold day is some most dirt, and a few plucky little seeds.

CilantroThese past few days Warrior Man has been sick with a terrible cough, and one of my friends gave me a few samples of essential oils. I am going to write a review of these oils next week, so stay tuned! I was impressed by how quickly this blend helped Warrior Man breathe better. It worked wonderfully!Essential OilWell, I need to go get ready to teach my little ballet girls, and then don my black techie clothing for the opening night of The Rhinoceros. What have you been up to lately? Have you used essential oils before?

8 thoughts on “Wrestling, Theatre, and Sewing Coyote Tails”

  1. The good news is, Warrior Man apparently gave you a Phalaenopsis, although I would need to see the leaves to be sure. (It’s also called a moth orchid, which is a lot less of a mouthful than “Phalaenopsis”.) Be sure not to over water. Do NOT put in direct sun. Now, for the good news. Those remaining buds will open and, even if you manage to kill the plant down the road, you still have several weeks of beauty ahead of you.

  2. Where do you get your energy from??? Wonder Woman!! I am looking forward to your next post about essential oils. I was thinking of getting an essential oil burner but realized that I had no ideas which oils to use and what not… I’ll be sure to check in again!!

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  4. Bethie,
    What a lovely post! I love the picture of you and Saia at the wrestling tourney, and of the orchid. If you can keep it alive, be sure to share your tips with me. And what did the coyote tails look like?

  5. Funny how a few little sprouting seeds can bring so much excitement πŸ™‚ I know the feeling. One day I will learn how to make sure the little sprouts grow to their full potential (I’m notorious for being really bad at keeping plants alive, unfortunately!).

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