Five on Friday

Five on Friday: my very first planner, and meals in the garden.

This past week really has felt like summer between bike rides to the farmer’s market, eating lettuce straight out of our garden, and early morning runs. Here are a few updates from our lives this past week!

1) The melodrama wrapped up.

For the past few months I have been finishing work at six, hopping in the car, and speeding my way to rehearsal. I was in a melodrama (in a local community group) with my sis, and cousin. We performed fourteen shows in three weeks, and finished our last performance this past Sunday. I do miss performing every night, but I have also been gleefully enjoying my evenings at home with my hubs again. We have been working on the apartment, enjoying our little garden, going on bike rides, and we even caught this week’s farmer’s market!

2) Car repairs are no fun.

This past week we had to repair our brakes which ended up being the most expensive car repair I’ve ever had. Eep! Can we just agree that sometimes adulting is a pain? As frustrating as it was to pay that big bill, we have been intentionally cutting down on other areas of our spending habits (I’m looking at you fast food) in order to pour money into the things that do matter: namely, transportation, our health, and saving for the future. Boring, but I feel so much better about our finances these days. On that note, hubs and I are starting Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University this next week, and I am so excited! I took the class back in high school (my brother and I went with our parents), but it has been well over a decade, and it will be my first time taking it with my new hubby.

3) I got my very first planner!

I have never really understand people’s obsession with planners. In college, I bought a big ol’ desk calendar, hung it on my wall, and color coded every rehearsal, assignment, and banquet. I am a visual person, and I liked being able to see my month at a glance. I still avidly use my desk calendar. However, I have been noticing the past few months that my to-do list has suffered. Without the structure of classes, homework, and grades I haven’t had the motivation to get everything done. I knew I needed a kick in the pants so I started researching planners, and after sifting through many options I chose a Plum planner (I will be writing a review of my planner this next week, so stay ‘tuned!). To say I love it, and it is helping me get my to-do list done is an understatement, but I will say it anyway: I’m on fire with this planner. Five on Friday

4) We ate our first meal out of the garden.

Our garden has been doing so well! We’ve been eating lettuce, and spinach every day! Remember back when we tilled it, and all the neighbors were laughing at us? Well, that rather embarrassing (yet humorous) experience has had a positive affect, because our neighbors seem to have developed a somewhat paternal feeling towards that little patch of ground. Our success as newlywed novices is, in fact, their success as well. So hubs will be out there weeding (ladies, marry a man who loves to weed. Seriously, it’s the best) or I will be out there watering, and the neighbors will come over to check out the garden, or comment that it is coming along nicely, with pride in their voice. They were, after all, involved in it from the very beginning.Five on Friday

5) I’m getting trounced in Scrabble by my android.

You guys. I discovered Classic Words (which is an app like Scrabble) while sitting backstage (this was after I discovered the baby generator, naturally). I consider myself to have a fairly broad vocabulary, and I love playing scrabble. At first, I whiled away many hours playing, and I always beat my ‘droid. Then, I upped the level from normal to hard. Since then, it has been nothing short of a blood bath. My android thinks it is so hilarious that now it not only beats me soundly, but also uses words to make fun of me. Lately, in our games, it has been beating me with words like: wimp, coward, and wuss. It is mocking me. I beat it on one glorious occasion, but haven’t been able to repeat that phenomenon. I am learning ALL the words with q’s and z’s in the hopes that I will soon be the victor.

What were the highlights of your week, friends? 

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