A Year of Pictures: Week 9

A Year of Pictures: Week 9

I was so excited this week to find out that we have a fifth person joining in our fun challenge!

Our year long challenge now includes not only Amy, Amalia and Sarah–but also Chef William! The more the merrier!

We fantastic five have taken on the challenge of snapping a picture a day for a year, do you want to join in too?

I had so much fun being challenged to take pictures of the eclipse this past Sunday! I do so hope you got to see it, dear reader, it was so majestic! Here is a picture before the eclipse. Join me over on Twitter to see other snapshots from myself and other bloggers too!

A Year of Pictures: Week 9

I had a sweet friend come over for the weekend, and since she has to eat gluten-free we mixed together some cornmeal and oat flour waffles. They were so delicious that I think I am going to write a post sometime soon with the recipe for all you other gluten-free people out there!
A Year of Pictures: Week 3
Warrior Man is good-natured enough to go garage saling with me every Saturday morning. It has become our little ritual. This past week we found an {almost} new bicycle for $50. I have ridden this thing all over town this past week. I even went on a photography bike ride with my camera strapped to my back!
A Year of Pictures: Week 9

I thought my sink full of dishes was peculiarly beautiful one day so I snapped a picture of it. Photography is always more fun than dishes.
A Year of Pictures: Week 9

There are a lot of things I miss about living in the country, but one of the things I enjoy about town living is watching all the squirrels scamper about.
A Year of Pictures: Week 9
I almost got attacked by a couple of dogs taking a picture of this rose. It is off of our neighbor’s bushes, and a few dogs came racing towards me. I wasn’t really in any danger, but their sudden appearance got my heart a’thumping. Photography can be a risky business. 
A Year of Pictures: Week 9
Warrior Man and I went on a date to see this movie. It was a fun film, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Probably not going to be in my top ten, but Robert De Niro was incredibly endearing playing the role of a retired, sweet gentleman. Forget all the action movies he has been in, he was made for this role.
A Year of Pictures: Week 9
Well, that was my week in seven pictures! How about yours? Do you want to join us this week in our photography adventures? Please do, we would love to have you!

11 thoughts on “A Year of Pictures: Week 9”

  1. I really enjoyed the pictures of the squirrels this week. We had a lot of them living up north but I have never seen one here in Mexico. I understand they were taco food years ago and any self left are in the hill country. In a country where they eat Iguanas, what chance does a poor little squirrel have. (Oh ya, don’t offer me Iguana, even a chef has his limits – well at least a chef from the states) Great picture of the rose. We have not added them to our jungle yet (posting on the jungle soon – there are great pictures there) keep clicking…………..

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I’ve been doing a 365 day instagram challenge to post every day, which means snap pictures every day! I’ve really enjoyed it and am sad the year is almost over! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. How fun! I did Project 365 a few years ago! I wasn’t blogging then, but shared the photos on my photography Facebook page. It was so much work and I inevitably missed some days but I love going back and looking through them. You’ll have so many wonderful memories of this year. Have fun with it! I found your blog on the Peony Project facebook post!

  4. I love your photos and the nurturing aspect of your site. I was so disappointed earlier this year because my squirrels were gone. Then I noticed my new neighbor put up a large bird feeder! Well, game on! I filled my bird feeder to the rim and moved it closer to the fence so the squirrels could reach easily and whola! They are back!

  5. What a great idea and what great pictures you share!
    Many people think pictures need to be ‘perfect.’ I am all for pictures that simply document everyday life! Picture that are instantaneous and capture the moment. After all, life is made up of moments, not always the Big Events!
    PS – I take at least one picture a day (I think!) Is it worth it to join your challenge at this point?

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