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10 Things that Went Wrong in my Wedding

I got my wedding pictures back this week! I am in love with every one of them. I teared up as I looked through them, and then I started giggling because I remembered a few of the more humorous stories surrounding that day. So today I am sharing “10 Things that went Wrong in my Wedding” in the hopes that you, too, can have a good chuckle and realize that if you are planning a wedding that a few things might go wrong, but it will be a perfect day anyway.

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  1. I was so stressed that I sent a check to our photographer without a stamp, and it was returned a week later. We had an awesome photographer, but being the procrastinator I was I sent the payment about a week late, and then on top of that I was so rattled I sent it without a stamp! It made it to the city he lived in before they sent it back so it took close to a week before I got it back. The photographer got the payment only a day or two before the wedding. Good thing he trusted us. 😉
  2. Warrior Man and I spent the summer apart (almost three months!) and he got back a mere four days before the wedding. We had made this decision so that he could make money in Maui, and I could make money in Nebraska, but I didn’t realize how hard it would be to plan a wedding long distance like that. When we did have time to talk (or use Google Chat, thank goodness for technology!) I didn’t want to spend the time wedding planning. I just wanted to catch up!
  3. My brother lost a little blood hanging dozens of twinkle lights. We got married in a historical landmark (how cool is that!) in a tiny town. It was an old Ballroom shaped like a roundhouse with super high ceilings! My friend, who was helping us decorate, had the idea to hang lights from the very center of the room and drape them to four corners. To do this, my brother had to climb up on the roof and lower the lights through a fan and a grate. He is a climber at heart, and a servant as well, and he happily spent an hour or two doing this, and redoing it after we hung the lights and realized a few were duds. Afterwards I noticed his arms were bleeding, he had cut himself on the grate and fan. I felt terrible. He’s such a great guy, and he is currently traveling the country and writing about it here.
  4. I purchased this super cute “Mrs” shirt at Target to wear getting ready. I loved it, it had a wide neckline so I could slip out without hurting my hair or makeup. It was understated. It was inexpensive. I hung it up in my closet for weeks leading up to the wedding, and never wore it so it would feel extra special. Well, when I put on my dress this cute shirt had stained my armpits BLUE. Like a bruised type of blue. My bridesmaids ran to the bathroom and scrubbed my armpits, and luckily it came off.10 Things That Went Wrong in My Wedding // Dandelion Pie

    Pictures taken by Rothell Photography

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  5. I had an allergic reaction to makeup and/or had a cold in my eye during the wedding. I had been experimenting with makeup, and a good friend had been helping me achieve the look I desired. But approximately five days before the wedding, my left eye began constantly weeping. It was dry, and yucky. I put eye drops in it to no avail. So, the day of the wedding, my makeup artist friend put on mascara and that was it (no eyeshadow, eyeliner or foundation near my eye). My eye ran throughout the wedding, and finally cleared up during our honeymoon.
  6. We ordered the groomsmen’s (and groom’s) personalized suits from China. They arrived in Maui the day before the wedding, and Warrior Man’s sister brought them to Nebraska at noon the day of the wedding. If her plane had been delayed, then the fellas would’ve had nothing to wear {that’s not nerve wracking at all}. The suits did not arrive at the wedding until two hours before the ceremony. I was constantly asking “Are the suits here yet? Where are the suits? Are they here yet?” And once they arrived I was asking “How do they look? Are they okay?”. Thankfully, they looked just fine.10 Things That Went Wrong in My Wedding // Dandelion Pie

    Warrior Man, and his brothers. Aren’t they all a bunch of hunks?

  7. One of the groomsmen couldn’t make it. One of the groomsmen ended up not able to come so a week before the wedding I realized we would have an uneven party (5 bridesmaids, and 4 groomsmen) I decided just to let it slide (we had already ordered the suits, and his suit wouldn’t have fit my tall brothers), and I am glad we did. Although I do feel bad for the bridesmaid who walked by herself up and down the aisle (sorry Samantha!) but she rocked it.
  8. I forgot my phone on the makeup table, and after making our grand exit we had to turn around and go back for it, while the guests watched us, with puzzled expressions on their faces.
  9. We almost ran out of gas driving to our hotel the first night. In the craziness of the wedding neither Warrior Man nor I had thought to fill up our gas tank. So on our drive to the big city (45 mins away) we realized with horror, on the interstate, that we were running on fumes. I don’t know what we would have done if our car ran out of gas on the interstate. Probably call my Dad. Ha! The car ran on prayer until we were able to get to a gas station. Thank you, God.
  10. We didn’t know how to pay tolls in Chicago on our honeymoon. We merrily drove all over Chicago for days without realizing we were supposed to pay tolls. Toll roads I had been on before actually stopped you on the road, but these particular tolls you had to pull off for. I remember blithely saying “probably only residents have to pay them!”. Once we realized our mistake I went online and tried to guess where we had driven and how many tolls we needed to pay. We haven’t received a ticket so I guess I paid enough money to make up for them. Phew.                                                                            Welp, those are a few faux pas we made surround our wedding day. What about you? You have any interesting stories regarding your wedding? I would love to hear them!

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  2. This will be your special day and your children will so enjoy the stories. They will become a family tradition. And I loved the blue armpit story, too. I certainly wouldn’t have thought of that with blue!

  3. What a fun blog and a great way to remember your wedding! The memories are so important and it is truly the unexpected happenings that will last a lifetime! Blessings on your marriage.

  4. Congrats! I’m glad you liked your pictures! That’s so important. The pictures were one of the things that went wrong with my wedding-lol. The part about the Mrs. shirt from Target staining your arms blue was hilarious.

  5. I think the little things that go wrong make the best stories afterwards. It will always be remembered that your twinkle-lights caused bloodshed. 😛 The biggest mishap I remember at the moment from our wedding was my aunt (matron of honor) losing my husband’s wedding ring and the search party ended up finding it on the floor of the women’s bathroom.

  6. These are great stories to have! I especially love the blue armpits 😀 During our ceremony, during a time of prayer I think because I’m pretty sure my eyes were closed? my brother-in-law (my husband’s best man) realized he’d left the room inside, so he quietly left the ceremony and sneaked back in to get it. I was clueless until he told us after.

  7. Bethie! A couple of these I hadn’t even heard yet! You never would have guessed that so many of these things happened–you always exude such patience and grace.

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