15 Things to Put On Your Wedding Registry

15 Things to Put on Your Wedding Registry

Ah, there is nothing like a good wedding registry.

When I got engaged over a year ago, one of the first things I began thinking about (after I set the wedding date) was what to register for. I am terrible about making Christmas or Birthday lists. I just have a hard time thinking about the things I want or need. Luckily, I had my Mom and several aunties who came alongside and gave me suggestions for what to put on my registry. Looking back, here are 15 Things you need on your wedding registry, and a few things to leave off.

I registered at Amazon.com, and Target. I am SO glad I registered at amazon, because that is primarily where people shopped, I had a much wider variety of options to choose from, and returning unwanted items was super duper easy. They also gave me a coupon (after the wedding) for 10% off any purchase up to $1,000! Score! Target was good too for the people who didn’t want to do the online shopping thing, but by far I would recommend amazon the most.

15 Things to Put on Your Wedding Registry

  1. A Kitchenaid mixer, especially the blue one. Anyone who follows me on instragam knows that I love, love, love my mixer. And so does my hubs, because it equals good food. Get one. I would also suggest putting a kitchenaid hand mixer on your registry just in case you don’t get a big one. I got yellow hand mixer, and an ice blue standing mixer. Pure bliss.15 Things to Put on Your Wedding Registry
  2. A White Goose Down Alternative Comforter. This comforter is just the cat’s meow. I love curling up underneath it every night. My dream bed is now a reality.
  3. Rachel Ray Teakettle. We use this teakettle every day (we heat up water for our french press to make coffee). I love how cute it is sitting on my stove, and how easy it is to use!
  4. Extra Large Towels. Don’t even register for regular ones. I am serious. You can always pick up the old regular ones later. But these towels are just the cat’s meow. Warrior Man and I got two of them, and they are the only ones we use. Wrapping up in a huge soft towel is a luxury you can afford!
  5. The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook. This is by far one of my favorite cookbooks, and it is so easy to follow (with all the pictures). Warrior Man has cooked several things from this book as well. If it will get your hubs in the kitchen, then it is definitely worth purchasing. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. Mason Jar Spoon Rest. Because if you do any cooking (even ramen!) you will need somewhere to put down that spoon. And this is just to stinkin’ cute.
  7. Fiesta Flatware Set. I LOVE this set of silverware. They add so much color to my kitchen, and they are excellent quality. And they are cute and retro. Need I say more?
  8. Bamboo Kitchen Trolley. If you are a renter, like we are, you might have space issues in your kitchen. My cousins bought this for me for our wedding, and I love how it can hold my Kitchenaid, cookbooks, and a few bottles of sparkling grape juice. Perfection.
  9. Extra large cutting board. I know there is always a debate about wood vs. plastic cutting boards. But I have to tell you this huge white cutting board is my FAVORITE. So very easy to clean, and fabulous to use. I have two of them, and I switch back and forth. Just go for it.
  10. Stainless Steel Set of Pans. This set is just awesomeness. I know there is a push for nonstick pans, but honestly you can’t brown meat on nonstick pans, and there are questions about whether it is even healthy to use them. Go with stainless steel, you will be glad you did.
  11. This Seal Ring Holder. Now that you are sporting bling on your left hand, there will be times you need to protect your diamond (when you shower or wash dishes) so be sure you have a few ring holders around!15 Things to Put On Your Wedding Registry
  12. A Drain Protector. Ladies, if you have hair longer than a few inches you are going to be clogging your shower regularly. Just buy this thing, and then you won’t be constantly asking your fella to unplug the drain. It is worth it, trust me.
  13. A Stainless Steel Colander. Before we got married, Warrior Man had about three plastic colanders, and I had one. Four plastic colanders were sent to Goodwill when we got married, and I brought this colander home. Best. Colander. Ever.
  14. A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. If you are a reader of Dandelion Pie then you know how much I love my baby figgy. Having a plant in your house or apartment is so rewarding, and my Mom got mine off of Amazon too!ย 15 Things to Put On Your Wedding Registry
  15. 2,000 Thread Count Sheets. These are the sheets that we got, and I love them. We would have never bought them ourselves, but they are something someone bought for us (only $40!) and we have loved them. Might as well register for high thread count, is what I say!

A Few things NOT to register for.

  1. A George Foreman. These are one of those things that are a bit pricey, and I am constantly finding at garage sales. I think people buy them, and never use them, and get rid of them. We LOVE ours, but I would never put it on my registry because they are so easy to find cheap.
  2. Regular towels. See the note above about xtra large towels. Seriously, though, people love to give towels so no need to put these on the list. You will get them anyway, and you will have your xtra large towels on your registry already!
  3. Anything you won’t use daily. Why register for a waffle iron if you never eat waffles? Why register for fancy dishware if you will only leave it in the closet? Just register for things you will love, and things you will use. Otherwise, it will just be stuff clogging up your closet that you feel guilty over. No one needs that.
  4. Picture frames. I know it is tempting to register for these, because you are anticipating filling them with your wedding pictures, but picture frames is something that you can find EASILY at goodwill or garage sales. People buy them, never use them, and then sell them for a quarter at their next garage sale. Just pick them up there, and don’t bother registering for them.
  5. Lamps. Again, you can find these at every garage sale, and goodwill–and they are far cuter and moreย quirkyย than any bought at a store! This is one of those things that is pricey in the store so save your guests a few bucks (that they can use on your kitchenaid!) and just buy these used.
  6. A waffle maker. Unless you are an avid waffle eater, then I would wait on this one. You can sometimes find these used, and honestly I would just focus on putting things on your list that you will use daily rather than monthly or yearly.

What about you, friend, do you have any suggestions for what to put on a wedding registry {or what NOT to put on there} for the engaged gals out there?

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26 thoughts on “15 Things to Put on Your Wedding Registry”

    1. I know every culture does wedding presents differently, Corinne. What do they do in India? My hubs (who is Tongan) says in his culture they give money, not gifts. The drain protector is very handy. In college I was always clogging up the drain with my super long hair. I am glad to save the hubs from having to constantly clean out the drain. Ha ha!

  1. I think there should be kitchen/bath showers for people in your mom’s and my generation! Everything is worn out and ugly. I have a giant wish list on Amazon and whenever someone says something about a gift, I point them that way. I added those wonderful towels to my list, along with that cool bamboo trolley. I have one towel that size that I bought about fifteen years ago and I guard it with my life. It’s starting to develop a small hole and that is a tragedy. I love that you added the Pioneer Woman cookbook. The women in our family have mostly been fabulous cooks, especially in your particular branch. My son and daughter both follow Pioneer Woman and I have saved every single recipe from her blog, Food Network, and her cookbooks to Word Documents. I have difficulty reading cookbooks well enough to see the measurements, so I print them out in much larger print when I want to make something. With your mother, aunts, and grandmother (and your beloved great-grandmother Corinne!) as examples, you are destined to be a world-class homemaker, along with whatever else you choose to do with your life.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly, Diane! We, as women, should just throw each other showers way more often. It is too fun of an event for only once in your life! You would love the towels or the trolley, they are both wonderful! Thank you for giving me a taste of my history. I love being a part of our family facebook group, and seeing all the pictures you post! Thanks for devoting so much time to educating us all on where we come from! You are amazing.

  2. I love this list! Although we didn’t register for all of the things you suggested, I may or may not be pulling some of them up on amazon to my “save for later” wish list.

    Oh, and I second the Kitchenaid mixers (both the stand mixer and the hand mixer!) we got them both in that same ice blue and they’re convenient and GORGEOUS and feminine (but not *too* feminine) and useful and perfect!!! So happy to have them! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. We are Kitchen Aid buddies! I am so happy we got the same color. ๐Ÿ™‚ We are blessed ladies indeed. Think of our great-grandmothers who stirred everything by hand! What muscles they must have had.

    1. Thanks, Francene! I have a couple ring holders scattered about our apartment, because I have a tendency to take off my rings a lot (when I wash dishes, go to sleep or take a shower) and I don’t want to lose them!

  3. I can’t believe the comforter is that cheap! My husband and I were just talking this weekend how we need to get a comforter, and I haven’t seen a down alternative this cheap anywhere. Score! Also, I had no clue you could buy trees on Amazon. Fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. The comforter is FABULOUS, Leslie. You should definitely go for it! We also got a seersucker duvet cover (be still my heart) which we equally love. It makes me feel like we are sleeping in a fancy hotel room every night. Totally worth it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. These are great ideas. I am not planning on needing a wedding registry again, since I am happily married, but if I were to, I would use these ideas. Love the extra large towels!
    Great post. God bless.

  5. Hi I came over from the UBC page. I am probably not a part of your target audience, But as a guy, my list would be different (electronics mostly, like a Flat Screen). Just kidding! When I got married I don’t think Amazon was doing registries, or if they were even around (1999). We used Target.

    1. Ha ha! Thanks for your input, K! My hubs would have probably put a flat screen on his list if he hadn’t snagged one last year on Black Friday. Target is always a good option. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Oh honey, if you want to add to this list, you oughta have a Bosch Universal! What a handy list, and I loved seeing what things were most useful to you.

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