35 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

I am 35 Weeks pregnant (by the time I’ve posted this, I’ll be closer to 36!!). We are getting SO close, and I’m so excited!

What is baby up to? Baby is around 5.25 lbs, and 18 inches long! Baby is working on developing his brain right now, and I am trying to aid that process by getting in my fish oil and salmon for those good omega-3s!

What appointments do you have left? I have a 36-week midwife: this week, I am starting to go to the birth center for weekly appointments, instead of monthly (the first two trimesters), or bi-monthly (the last seven weeks). I drive an hour (two hours round trip) to the birth center, so that is a bummer, but I’m excited to get to the final few weeks! I, also, have an endocrinologist appointment to check my thyroid (they want me checked every trimester), and I will have the Group Beta Strep test at 36 weeks. I was positive with Gideon (GBS is a normal and harmless bacteria that 1/4-1/3 women have, but can cause problems for baby–so they recommend you undergo antibiotics during labor if you test positive), but since this bacteria comes and goes, I am really hoping to be negative this time around. I’ve been following the Wellness Mama’s supplement protocol to hopefully knock it out before I am tested.

Just hanging out at my 35-week midwife appointment!

What are you looking forward to? Getting to my due date! I am just GIDDY that I don’t have a scheduled C-section this time around. I am SO excited to see when labor starts naturally, how big of a baby I will have when he/she goes to term, and going through labor/delivery with my hubby! Meeting this baby! Having a successful VBAC. And, also, just finishing up this pregnancy journey and settling in as a family of four.

How are you preparing for birth? I just made a checklist myself for the final month. I want to: take my supplements, drink my red raspberry leaf tea, and eat my dates every day. Either do squats or do spinning baby exercises daily. Go on a 2+ mile walk every day. And finish up our birth course, and birth books. Then I’ll need to put together our hospital bags and any sort of labor aids/snacks I’ll need.

How is the new house? I am working on writing up an update on how we are settling in! But until then, everything is great! I have gotten the upstairs all set up and unpacked (although sorely in need of some decor), but the basement is still full of boxes. Unpacking the basement will be my next project, and I definitely think we can get it done before baby arrives.

What symptoms do you have? I had another major 48-hour headache this past week, ugh. I tried to alleviate it with hot showers, ice packs, took Tylenol once (when I couldn’t function at all), and went to the chiropractor. It finally lifted. Headaches have been the worst symptom this pregnancy. Other than that, I am feeling really good! It was interesting to read my 35-Week-Bumpdate with my first pregnancy, because I reported feeling super uncomfortable rib pain. This time around, I have no rib pain, and baby’s feet kick off to my left side rather than up in my ribs, which is interesting. In the past week, he/she has been kicking at my side so hard that I’ve had to push back a few times–it feels like he/she is about to punch a hole in the side of my stomach, ha ha!

I definitely feel like I am carrying this baby really low, and while that is a pain in regards to how many trips I take to the bathroom (baby is squishing my bladder), it is nice not to have rib pain or difficulty breathing.

I think staying so active has really helped me continue to feel comfortable this far along. I feel best after walking 2-4 miles, honestly! It just loosens everything up, and I feel more like myself. I am committed to fitting in a walk every single day, and I think it has really helped me!

I do struggle to find comfy positions sitting down, but I am on my feet most of the day. In the evenings, I generally opt to lie on my side versus sitting down because reclining definitely makes my back ache.

What are you craving? I definitely have had more of a sweet tooth this trimester, than I’ve ever had in my life. I tend to crave chocolate cake donuts (which I’ve never really liked before), and will send Saia to pick them up for me about twice a month. Eating a donut always hurts my stomach (so much sugar, that I’m not used to!) and that ends the craving for awhile. 😉

And, for comparison, here is my 35 Week Bumpdate with Baby #1

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  1. Wow, you are almost there!! So happy everything is going well for you! Isn’t it amazing how one mumma can have such different pregnancy experiences?! Fascinating!

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