17 Week Bumpdate #pregnancy

17 Week Bumpdate

This week, baby has let himself or herself become known, as he/she has been kicking up a storm throughout the day and evening.

I first felt baby a week ago, and ever since then I have felt strong little baby kicks (or punches?) multiple times a day. This has been so fun, and has really been a reminder that there is a little person in there. As I eat or drink, I can’t help but think about those kicks, and remember to be as healthy as I can be for the sake of the second person within me.

Sorry for all the McChickens the first few months, Baby. Mommy meant well.

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How far along: 17 Weeks

Due date: August 29th

Gender: Don’t know!

How are you feeling? It really changes daily. Overall, I am feeling a bit better than I did during the first trimester. I still have off-days, and off-evenings, but the average day is improving.

How big is baby? Baby is as long as a pear, about 5 ounces, and 5 inches long.

This week, baby: Baby’s skeleton is changing from cartilage to bone this week. He/she can now move his/her joints, and is developing sweat glands.

Maternity clothes: Still just wearing all my regular clothes.

Sleep: Had a few rougher nights this week due to some persistent headaches. Throughout this pregnancy I’ve tended to get headaches after my longest days at work, and I try to not take any acetaminophen unless I am writhing in pain, so my sleep hasn’t been the best.

Best moment this week: feeling baby kick daily. After I first felt that light kicking a week ago, I have been increasingly aware of baby’s movements. If I put my hand on my lower abdomen, then I can feel really strong kicks in both the evening and sometimes in the morning or afternoon. My favorite thing is to sit (or lie) quietly and wait for those kicks. Hubby, too, has felt baby multiple times which has been so fun! I wasn’t expecting him to feel baby until around the 20-25 week mark, so that has been an unexpected delight.17 Week Bumpdate #pregnancy

Worst moment this week: My hunger levels have really changed in the past week. My appetite has gone from normal to get-out-of-my-way-I-need-to-eat-something-stat-! This is a bit uncomfortable for me, socially, because I can be talking to a person, but also gauging how long I can go without feeding myself before I start puking on the person I am conversing with. I go from not-hungry to starving in about half a second, and a half a second later, if I haven’t eaten something, then I’ll start gagging. So…that’s been an adjustment.

Miss anything? Just feeling a bit less fragile, I guess. I have to be careful when I eat, what I eat, how busy my day is, etc…

Movement: Lots and lots! Baby’s little feet (I am assuming it’s his/her feet, but I guess it could be hands?) are always on the right side of my tummy in the evening. I am always laying on my left side, and those kicks are always pressed right up against the right of my stomach. During the day the kicks are generally in the middle, but at night for some reason the right side is favored.

Cravings: watermelon (I am purchasing $7 watermelons like crazy), lemonade (I’ve found the best place in town to buy lemonade, and we ate there just for the lemonade), chocolate milk, chicken tacos, and blueberries!

Symptoms: headaches, neck aches, round ligament pain, exhaustion, extreme hunger, nausea if I have an empty stomach, and discomfort if I have a full stomach.

Looking forward to: finishing up teaching in five weeks, so that I am working one job instead of two, and can sleep in the mornings. 🙂

What are you looking forward to this week?

10 thoughts on “17 Week Bumpdate”

  1. These posts make me happy! It’s such a magical time as you start to feel the little one in there and know you are truly connected. You’re looking wonderful B. Pregnancy suits you. Much love x

  2. I know how you feel about the ravenous eating!! That’s been me lately (I’m almost 28 weeks). My husband jokes about how I keep eating us out of our house and home.

  3. Yay! You are doing great! I still occasionally get the “must eat now or will throw up” problem. You mentioning watermelon made my mouth water! I hope it starts coming down in price and we can always have some on hand. That was my snack of choice during labor with blue poweraid. I also ate a TON after Rebekah was born because our midwife said it was a natural stool softener. And I didn’t have any issues there, so I like to think it worked! I may have to go buy some soon, Rebekah loves it too!

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