16 Weeks Pregnant #pregnant #sixteenweekspregnant #bumpdate

16 Week Bumpdate

I am now 16 Weeks Pregnant!

This has been a big week in pregnant-land, because Hubs and I felt baby kick for the first time! I never expected Hubs to be able to feel baby so early, but we have been able to feel little kicks every evening this week. Things are definitely starting to get a bit more real.

We’re talking a lot about our babymoon. We really want to take a trip together, before we become a family of three, to enjoy time together before baby comes, and just relax. I finish teaching in May, and I will have a pretty narrow window before I hit the third trimester, and traveling will become more difficult. So, we really need to decide where we are going to go, and start planning for that trip. Wherever we decide to go, I am excited to travel with hubs! It has been too long since we have gone on a trip.

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How far along: 16 Weeks

Due date: August 29th

Gender: No idea!

How are you feeling? I finally got over this miserable cold, and here’s hoping it stays away! Otherwise, I’ve felt fairly okay this week.

How big is baby? 4.6 inches long or as big as an avocado!

This week, baby: is beginning to hear my voice! Time to start playing the Mozart, I guess. 😉 Some studies have shown that a baby will recognize songs that were played to it in the womb, so I am going to be playing all my favorite music from now on! Baby is working on growing hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. His/her backbone is getting stronger, and so baby can now hold up his/her head! Even though baby’s eyes are closed, he/she can sense light now.

Maternity clothes: The majority of my regular clothes aren’t very tight, so there is plenty of room for my little belly. I do have 1-2 tighter shirts which are a bit more uncomfortable to wear these days. I did pick up a few pieces of maternity clothing at our local Goodwill on dollar day, including a long-sleeved white t-shirt. I tried it on, and LOVED it, because it fits me really nicely, but has room for my growing tummy.

Sleep: Still sleeping like a rock. I do have a bad habit of falling asleep on my side, and waking up on my back, which I know is not a good idea as the weeks progress. So, I’ll have to start trying a few strategies to encourage side sleeping.

Exercise: I actually exercised twice, which is a serious win for me. Of course, being on spring break helped (mornings free!), and the warmer weather helped too. Next week, my goal is to workout three times.

Best moment this week: Feeling baby move for the first time! I officially turned 16 weeks pregnant on Tuesday, and my app told me that I should start feeling movement soon. Every evening, when hubs and I would watch our show together, I would lie there with my hand on my tummy just hoping I would feel something. On that particular night I felt movement on the right side for ten minutes before I was sure that was what I was feeling, then I grabbed hubby’s hand so he could feel it. His face broke out into a grin: “That’s so weird, but so awesome!”. My thoughts exactly. Having a little person poke you from the inside is so surreal. But I can’t get enough. I have felt baby every evening since, and some mornings too.

Worst moment this week: My hunger has really grown this week, and even though I bring a huge bag of snacks to work every day, I have demolished them by mid-afternoon. By the time I get off work at 6, I am miserably hungry and nauseous. Hubs has to speed me home and grab the closest food so I can eat before I start puking. So, I need to re-work my snack strategy, and perhaps start packing a full meal to eat at work in the evening to avoid this.

Miss anything? I miss my evenings. I still feel kind of off at that time of day.

Movement: YES! We BOTH felt baby move this week!

Cravings: iced lemonade, tacos with lots of hot sauce, lime juice, and sour cream (I haven’t made tacos in three months, and this week they finally sounded good again! Score!), and frozen berries.

Symptoms: nasal congestion, some ligament pain, nausea when I get hungry, increased appetite.

Looking forward to: spring coming! I am so ready for spring this year. Bring on the budding trees, plant sales, garage sale season, and long walks in the lovely cool air.

What are you looking forward to this week?

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  1. Oh man, feeling the baby move is exactly weird but awesome. Just wait until you see your belly move in a wave! 🙂 These bumpdates are so fun to read, they bring me back in time.

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