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We’re Going to Make It, You and I.

We’re going to make it, you and I. You married a girl with stars in her eyes, and dreams in her belly. A girl with an image in her mind of what romance was supposed to look like based on twenty-three years of romantic comedies, books about knights in shining armor, and long lists of all…

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My First Six Months As a Mrs

Six months ago today I was walking around surrounded by my bridesmaids, posing for pictures, and trying to ignore the butterflies in my stomach. The feeling of walking down that aisle was unlike anything I have ever felt before. There are no words to describe knowing that you are committing your life to another person. The…

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Dallas on the Weekend

Sprinkles, cupcakes, kava, laughter, babies, and luxury hotels. This describes my past weekend. My hubs is from Hawaii, and I am from Nebraska. We are finishing up our undergrad degrees in Nebraska, and unfortunately don’t get to see his family as much as we would like. About a month ago when we found out a…

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Adventures of a Newlywed // Conquering Clutter

I was five years old, and I desperately wanted a gerbil. My Mom told me if I could keep my room clean for three months then I could have a furry little pet I so desired. Somehow {and I suspect with lots of help} I kept my room clean, I got my gerbil, and have…

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Adventures of a Newlywed: My First Week of Meal Planning

For the next few months I will be chronicling this journey through a series of posts every Monday called (drum roll please!)…Adventures of a Newlywed. Challenge #1: figure out how to cook more, eat out less, and just generally be less stressed about the daily demands of feeding ourselves. About a week ago I sat myself…

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My Week in Pictures (with a few words thrown in for good measure)

Snapping a Picture Every Day for a Year This second week of the photography challenge went by crazy fast! I don’t know about my fellow photographers, Amalia, Mom, or Sarah, but I had a bit of a difficulty daily snapping a picture this week! Whew! However, with the help of my phone, I was still able…

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