We Give You Permission to Brag About Your Men!!

Why it is Always Okay to Brag About Your Man

A few weeks ago I wrote I Give You Permission to Brag About Your Man on a whim. I wanted to dedicate a post to the fella who has encouraged me daily for the past two years. When I first decided to make it a linkup I had no idea how many ladies would jump on the idea, and how many tears I would shed as I read all the beautiful tributes you beautiful gals wrote for your menfolk. Not only have I read every blog post you linked up, but I read every comment, and every facebook post. Thank you ladies for linking up. And thank you for reminding us all of how many good, good men are out there in this big world of ours.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of how many good men there are out there. Sometimes our culture can really teach us that good men are hard to find, and they are, but boy are the good ones worth the wait. I hope, on this Valentine’s Day, whether you are single, married, or in-between that you can enjoy these posts, and gain hope from them.

I could not pick a favorite post that linked up, so I am listing them all. Enjoy!

The Engaged Home’s Post: “Mitch knows how to help me step back, gain perspective, find confidence, and move forward. He also teaches me how to relax (another thing I struggle to do). Did I mention he gives me killer foot massages even though he detests feet?”

LeeLee Finds Herself’s Post: “When we have leftovers at a restaurant, he lets me have all the fries”

Snarky Momma with Love’s Post: “He loves horror movies. I do not. So he watches them when he gets up early on his days off. But once in awhile we watch them together and I cower under a blanket while he chortles gleefully.”

I Am Ruth’s Post: “He is an encourager. He calms my fears. He makes me feel beautiful even when I don’t feel like I am”

Ramblin’ With Am’s Post: “He cooks for me.  In fact, he’s cooking for me right now!”

Vomiting Chicken’s Post: “He loves Jesus and shows it in the way he lives, the way he talks, the way he treats folks.”

Sweet Aroma’s Post: “knows the gifts that send me soaring (and he gets them).is a kid at heart. is my best buddy. never stops pursing my heart.

Dandelion Pie’s Post: “He takes care of me when I am sick. When I had the flu this weekend he came over to take care of me, and held my head and patted me on the back as I threw up.”


If you want to read more lists {shout-out to Sonia, and Nicole–thanks ladies!) check out the comment section on the original post. Happy reading!


18 thoughts on “Why it is Always Okay to Brag About Your Man”

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  2. What a sweet, sweet post! And a wonderful idea to do a link up on! I totally missed the boat on this one, but my husband is a pretty swell guy! And yes, I always find occasions to brag about how amazing he is. I am indeed blessed! 😀

  3. awe- so sweet! the photo at the top is beautiful, too. i love to read about some awesome men out there! 🙂 absolutely love this idea… from ‘he lets me have all of the fries’ to ‘he calms my fears’ awe- so sweet.

  4. Visiting from Oak and Oats Week’s End Link Up.

    What a great idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE and think it’s so true that “Sometimes we all need to be reminded of how many good men there are out there.”

    Jen at ymjen.com

    1. So glad you gained encouragement from this, Jen. 🙂 Thanks for leaving your link so I could check out your blog too. I, also, do Five Minute Friday so we are sisters in that way as well. Keep on writing!

  5. These are wonderful. YES, there are good guys out there – I am blessed to have found one. Before he entered my life I was with everyone else – there are no good guys. Now, I see them everywhere – it is how you look at it – glass half empty or half full.
    Thanks for these. So encouraging.

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