7 thoughts on “Why an Online Savings Account Is a Game Changer (plus a $25 bonus for my readers!)”

  1. It seems every time I catch up on blogs, I stop by just as you’re writing about finances! haha. I love that this is a goal for you guys as you start your marriage. Good financial stewardship has given us the freedom to really go after our dreams, and bless many others along the way! For us, I’d say setting up a personal payment plan to pay off my loans (which technically we did while we were engaged since it was my goal to be debt free by the time we married!) and putting together a detailed budget were the two most helpful things we did for our finances. As always, let me know if you ever have questions! We love helping other couples!

  2. Great job you two!! After our Dave Ramsey class, we used his envelope system for our cash each month. This really helped us decide whether we wanted to spend the money to go out to eat or on other non-necessary items.

    We also still have a monthly spreadsheet that lists our budgeted & actual expenses. Then we can look back to see where our money is going and adjust as needed.

    1. You are such an inspiration, Aunt Paula! I really need to give the envelope system a try. I think that is the next step in our financial journey. Not sure I am ready for a spreadsheet just yet…that might be step #3…

  3. Wow! What an inspiring post! I’m always wanting to learn more about how to manage our finances in a smarter way, and this definitely looks smarter. Very cool, Bethie!

  4. I love love loveeeeee Capitol One!! My fiance introduced me to it & I love it so much!! Savings are soooo important! He has several savings accounts that we will use once we get married! Good post! Found you through the Peony Project! 🙂

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