How I Told My Husband I was Pregnant

How I Told My Husband I Was Pregnant + A Video of His Reaction!

I looked forward to the day when I could tell my husband that I was pregnant.

I had suffered through baby fever for a year and a half, before we got that positive pregnancy test, and being the planner that I am, I had spent a great deal of time deciding on how I wanted to tell him. As many of you know, the first sentence he spoke to me when we met in a history class in college was about sea turtles. 

Sea turtles have been significant in our relationship ever since.

So when I saw the toy sea turtle (it was actually Squirt from Finding Nemo) I knew that I had to buy it for the day when I could announce to hubby that we had our own little one on the way.

How I Told My Husband I Was Pregnant
When I bought Squirt, the cashier commented: “Ugly little thing, isn’t it?” and I was so taken aback! She said she thought he was creepy. Go figure!

I tucked Squirt away in the closet for the day when I finally got that positive test.

Finding out I was Pregnant

That special day ended up being December 17th, 2016.

We had been trying for quite a few months, and I was so disheartened about all the negative pregnancy tests every month. Every month I would get my hopes up, think that THIS was it, and then I would get disappointed. So we took a break for December, and tried not to focus on it too much.

I knew that it was too early to test, but I couldn’t help myself: I tested on Friday (which was 10 days post ovulation or dpo), thought that the pregnancy test was negative and threw it away, certain that there was no baby again this month.

On Saturday I woke up early, Hubby was sick and sleeping in, so I lay in bed googling how likely it was to get a positive pregnancy test at 11dpo, and I finally said to myself “instead of wasting all this time googling it, just go take a pregnancy test, and be done with it!”. So I rolled out of bed, stumbled into the bathroom, and took a test. While I was waiting the three minutes for it to register a result, I fished the test I had taken the night before out of the trash.

I blearily eyed it, and I thought I saw a second line. I quickly leaned forward, and studied it: and sure enough there was the faintest of faint second lines on it. I had read enough stories online to know that a line was a line, and while it is possible to get a false negative test, if you get a positive test there isn’t much of a chance that it is a mistake.

All the message boards agreed: if there is a second line on that test, no matter how faint it is, then you are pregnant.

How I Told my Husband I was Pregnant
Can you spot the second line?

I snatched up the test I had taken that morning, and it, too, had a line on it: slightly darker than the one the night before. By this time, I was breathing really heavily, and I started racing around the bathroom, trying to find the one electronic pregnancy test that I knew I had stashed away somewhere.

Now this electronic test was really bringing out the big guns: because it would tell me, in English, either “pregnant” or “not pregnant”, no more messing around with faint lines!

I grabbed it, followed the directions, and took deep breaths as it loaded…

within minutes the word PREGNANT flashed up at me.

First Trimester Confessions #pregnancy #firsttrimester #morningsickness
This photo will always make me laugh: look at those crazed eyes! I was so giddy!

I was instantly filled with hilarity, excitement, and energy. I rushed to grab my camera, took pictures of all the tests, took pictures of myself, studied the tests some more, and laughed.

Once I collected myself (sort of, ha!), I tried to figure out how I was going to rouse my sleeping husband so that I could tell him. I knew that I wanted to record his reaction–this kind of thing only happens once in a life time!–but I knew he had been sick all night, and would probably sleep in.

I couldn’t just sit in the apartment, though, I had to DO something! If I had to stay and wait for him to wake up, I knew I would go crazy. So I sauntered into our bedroom, and sweetly asked him how long he was going to sleep, he said probably for the morning, so–as casually as I could so as not to give myself away–I said I was going to go hit up some thrift stores for awhile. And left my sleeping husband in peace.

I, however, was not peaceful. I was giddy, I was excited, I was beaming, I could hardly contain myself. I leapt out of our apartment, into the snow–and everything sparkled. I drove a few blocks to the closest thrift store, and beamed at every one in sight. I went to every thrift store in town, mostly looking for books about pregnancy (say, what?!) and baby clothes. I almost told the employee at Goodwill that I was pregnant, but I just barely held it back. I bought a onesie that said “I Love Daddy” at one of the shops, and a book about pregnancy at the other. I could barely believe that I–Bethany Lotulelei–was buying a onesie for my baby. It was all so surreal!

Then, having waited as long as I could, I returned home.

To find my husband still sleeping.

Egad. What to do?

Waking the Sleeping Giant

I decided that sick or no, I couldn’t wait any longer: I set up my camera to record, stuck the turtle and onesie in a gift bag, crossed my fingers that he wouldn’t notice the camera aimed squarely at his face, and I woke him up.

“Hey, hon, I have a present for you!”

“Yeah?” He said, groggily (I have such a patient husband). “Okay, bring it over here.”

“No, I really want you to open it out here,” I said, optimistically, and grandly gesturing toward the living room.

“Can’t I open it in bed?” He asked, confused that his normally sweet wife was asking him, a sick man, to get out of bed, and walk into the living room to open a present.
“Come on hon, it’ll be fun!”

He painfully rolled out of bed. Then, to add insult to injury, I asked him to change into some presentable clothes. This is a testament to what a sweet man my husband is: here he was, sick, he’d been up all night, and his nutty wife was asking him to climb out of bed, get dressed into clothes she picked out, and go into the living room to open a present.

I knew that I was acting irrationally, but I hoped that in his ill position, that he was just bleary enough that it would work.

It did.

He opened the gift, and as you can see in the video was overjoyed! It just cracks me up how he opened the gift, saw the turtle, and acted all grateful for such a funny little gift. He definitely didn’t see the note on the bottom that read “Baby Lotulelei due in August” until I pointed it out to him. AND He didn’t realize he was being filmed the whole time, until he asked if I wanted to take a picture.

What a guy.

This news buoyed him enough, that we went out to eat for lunch, smiling like crazy the entire time, and then we saw the new Star Wars movie that night.

It was, all in all, a perfect day.

How did you tell your hubs the news OR how are you planning to tell him someday? 


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  2. Thank you for sharing this! That is such a precious moment and it’s so fun you got it on camera. Saia’s reaction is so sweet. I couldn’t help but get teary eyed.

    I haven’t ever told Dillon in a clever way. I just kind of tell him. Haha, I thought if we ever have another baby, maybe I will just wait to tell Dillon until he can start to see my belly grow. 😉 “I’m twenty weeks! Surprise!”

    You guys are too cute. Baby L is joining one extremely loving family.

  3. This was so sweet! Love the idea of having a special moment from when you first met to tie together for when you could announce him that you’re pregnant. His reaction is so sweet! Congrats on your little one, so happy for you two!!


  4. ADORABLE!!!!!! Suuuuuch a sweet reaction from him!!!!! Definitely sounds like the best day! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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