Our Last Week as Just the Two of Us

Our Last Week as Just the Two of Us

And just like that: I’m at the end of my pregnancy.

This pregnancy has included a lot of things I didn’t expect, and didn’t include a few things I took for granted. In the first trimester, I wasn’t terribly nauseous in all those beginning weeks, when my fellow preggo-pals were struggling to keep a meal down. In the second trimester, I was put on restrictions–when I really wanted to be preparing my body for a natural birth. And in the third trimester–I really haven’t felt that uncomfortable. This pregnancy has taken me by surprise–it has been far easier physically than I expected, and far harder emotionally than I could have predicted.Our Last Week as Just the Two of Us

About that Husband of Mine

When I first found out about Baby L back in December, I knew that there were a lot of things we needed to accomplish in the next eight months in order to be ready for baby. We needed to store up our savings account, buy all the necessary baby items, and I needed to finish out my two jobs. I am really thankful that God designed it so that new parents have nine months to get everything figured out before the baby arrives.

Now suddenly after all the months of working, saving, and preparing–we are here. Baby is coming in a little over a week.

This week is my first week of maternity leave, my first full week as a stay-at-home mom, and my last week as a family of two.

I have my last midwife appointment, a massage, a chiropractic appointment, and a pedicure (with my Mom and sis!). I will be celebrating my twenty-sixth birthday, cooking a few meals for the freezer, and getting as much sleep as my body can take. I will, also, be going on a much-needed day-long date with Hubs!

This is our last week as a party of two, and I see it as incredibly sacred. On a stroke of luck, one of Hubby’s days off is Saturday–a weekend day! All summer he has been working weekends, and getting days off in the middle of the week: sometimes a Wednesday-Thursday, sometimes a Tuesday and a Friday, always different, and never a weekend. So getting a Saturday off, on our last weekend before baby gets here, feels like an extra-special surprise. We can hardly contain our excitement over everything we are going to do on that day. We are heading to the big city, taking in the big farmer’s market, maybe catching a movie, definitely going out to eat, and going on a few other adventures. We plan on finally celebrating our two year anniversary, my birthday, and the coming birth of our first child.

I am so ready to start parenting with him. This pregnancy has been a lot harder than other of us could have anticipated–from having to talk about ugly things such as the possibility of a hysterectomy to my months of restrictions, it definitely hasn’t been the straight-forward pregnancy that we both expected. Which has made me realize again, and again what a phenomenal man I married. He has served me tirelessly from the first trimester to now. Always doing everything in his power to keep me laughing, well-fed, and distracted.

My husband has the gift of humor, the gift of strong hands to work out the kinks in my back, and a sunny spirit. He makes life fun every day, and I don’t know what I would have done without him, throughout these months of fears.Our Last Week as Just the Two of Us

We’re Meeting Baby L next week!

This week, is what I’ve been waiting for: after months of fears, I finally feel at peace.

I am just days away from being classified as full-term, and I cannot accurately put into words what an incredible relief that is. I can’t honestly say that I ever expected to make it this far, and my midwife seems surprised as well–every day felt perilous, and I always was waiting for that first sign of trouble to jump in the car, and book it to the hospital. Placenta previa can truly mess with your brain.

Yet here we are! Almost there, and definitely close enough to lay down that burden of worry. At this point, I am not afraid to have this baby (although I do hope to make it to my scheduled c-section).

I am so excited to meet this little person. Thrilled to finally be able to share this little creature with the rest of the world. I can’t wait to watch Saia with Baby L for the first time, to introduced baby to all my friends and family, and to be able to stare at that little face. I am ready for slow days at home with baby, long walks in the autumn pushing a stroller, and baby’s first halloween (which may or may not include Moana costumes, stay ‘tuned!), and holiday season. I get so happy thinking about baby kicking away in a kiddie pool next summer, witnessing his/her first steps, and watching him/her grow up and develop. This pregnancy has taught me, more than anything, that nothing is a given–and every good thing is a blessing.

Any advice for our last week before baby gets here?

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  1. Oh you are in for such a sweet sweet adventure! Our little one is almost six months and I can’t even believe it!

  2. I’m so excited for you both! The last few days of pregnancy are truly magical. Sounds like you guys have everything under control and the date day sounds amazing. Thanks for taking us along with you on your pregnancy journey! You’re going to be a fantastic mama!

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