Gideon: 6 Month Update

I can’t believe my baby is 1/2 a year old already!

The time has gone by SOOO fast! On February 10, we both “celebrated” our 1/2 Birthday (by celebrated, I mean posted a pic to my Instagram, ha!)

In a blink of an eye, we will be celebrating his first Birthday. For now, I am savoring every sloppy kiss, squinty-eyed smile, and delighted squeal from my favorite little man.


Age: 6 months

Weight: 20.8 lbs (he gained another 1.8 lbs this past month!)

What to expect this month: By 6 months baby will be more opinionated and will probably scream when someone other than mom holds him (he is still usually pretty friendly, and lets other people hold him, but when he wants his mama he really wants his mama), he should recognize his name (I haven’t noticed that he recognizes his name yet), will go through another growth spurt, and will start passing toys from one hand to the other (he does!).

What to expect next month: Baby’s distance vision will have improved by 7 months old, and can see all the colors. He may start trying to copy sounds and words. He’ll probably be sitting up on his own, and be working on pinching things between his two fingers rather than grabbing with his whole hand.

Foods we’ve tried this month: So far, Gideon has tried avocado, sweet potato, carrot, and banana. We stopped giving him banana after he had a bit of a weird diaper after he tried bananas for the first time. IMG_3601

Teeth: Gideon still just has his two bottom teeth beginning to push through.

Clothing size: He’s wearing 9-12 month clothes.

Favorite clothes: I’ve finally started putting him in jeans. For his first 5 months I just kept him in jammies, and stretchy pants. I didn’t like the more structured jeans. But now that he is a bit bigger, I am loving putting him in little pairs of jeans! So cute!! I must confess, that all the clothes I hoarded he’s pretty much grown out of. I had stocked tons of clothes, sizes newborn-9 months. Thinking that he wouldn’t be in 12 month clothes before summer, when I’d have a chance to hit up garage sales, and our local clothing exchange again. However, he’s grown so quickly! I have very few 9-12 month clothes, and some of the ones I do have are summer apparel! Whoops! I need to hit up our local thrift store to pick up a few more jammies, long-sleeve onesies, and pants so I don’t run out of baby clothes quite as fast. IMG_3495Diaper size: He’s in 4s, and honestly he’s been having a lot of blow-outs again, so I either need to switch brands or move him up another size!

Firsts: We think Gideon said his first word! Lately, when he is with Saia and gets upset that he wants to be with me, he has started crying out “Mama” or “Mamamamama!”. At first, I really didn’t think he was actually saying the word, but we’ve noticed that he only says it when he is with Saia and wants to be with me, and it is crystal clear. First word, maybe? The first time he said it we both stared at him, could he really be saying that? But it is SO clear! 

He has started rolling across the room. I used to lay down a thick blanket at the edge of the kitchen, so that he could watch me as I did some cleaning up. But now he rolls off the blanket before I can even put away one dish!

We took him out in the stroller, and went on our first successful walk with him! I had tried before, but he always cried before I even crossed the street. This time, he enjoyed it, and just about fell asleep by the time we got home.

I carried him facing out in the Lillebaby carrier for the first time, now that he is old enough, and he LOVED it! I now use it every day, because he just is so happy facing out. I even helped my Mom and little bro paint the set for the melodrama, while wearing Gideon!IMG_3516

Worries: I have this irrational fear that he will stop breathing while he is sleeping. I constantly check on him while he is napping, and check on him a lot at night too. I have honestly considered saving up for one of those Owlet foot monitors that notifies you if your baby’s oxygen level drops lower, because it worries me so much! 

Sleeping: This past week he has been very restless at night, and I don’t know why. He wants to nurse a lot throughout the night lately. He doesn’t wake up all the way, but just lets out a screech and wants to nurse 2-6 times throughout the night. For mamas who coslept with your babies, when did you move him to a crib? Inquiring minds want to know. Ha ha!IMG_3402Feeding: Not much to report here! Still breastfeeding, and just started to feed him mashed up veggies a little bit once a day.

Purchases I’ve made: We bought a sound machine, because the fan we’d been running in the bedroom was keeping things a bit too chilly for the winter time. We, also, bought a Bialetti Moka Pot for our morning coffee, and it makes SUCH GOOD COFFEE. Seriously, I prefer it over Starbucks coffee. I make myself several iced coffees a day, and it is so yummy.

I have started looking at convertible car seats, since I know he’ll grow out of his infant car seat eventually.

What he likes: I think 6 months is my favorite age yet! He is so much funny! He loves being in the bathroom, playing with the shower curtain, turning the light switch on and off, and staring in the mirror. When he hears the door open, his little head whips around, and he looks expectantly at the stairway for his Papa. He gets SO excited when he wakes up from his nap and sees me, I just love his little squinty-eyed grin. He has a lot of fun bouncing in his jumperoo for 15-20 minutes every day. He loves looking outside, and watching the cars drive by our apartment. He loves splashing in his bathtub!IMG_3747
What he doesn’t like: He doesn’t love being left by himself. He doesn’t like floor time that much, unless you are right there with him making it fun.

Don’t want to forget: The way he audibly gasped when I rolled up my tongue, and the sloppy (painful, since he grabs my hair) kisses he gives me.

Things I’m looking forward to: I can’t wait to take me jogging in the jogging stroller! Spring needs to get here soon!IMG_3679How’s Mama? I’m feeling pretty good about life. I still feel a bit overwhelmed, and always have a longer to-do list than I can ever accomplish, but overall things are beginning to click in this new mom life!

What have you been up to this week?

6 thoughts on “Gideon: 6 Month Update”

  1. For your cosleeping question, we kept Declan in bed with us until he was 8 months, but for us by that age is was becoming a nightmare. We would have done it sooner but we waited until I was off for summer vacation to sleep train him. Which was amazing and we plan to do it with Travis sooner than 8 months. Gideon is so cute mama, and he’s growing so fast! Keep up the good work mama! ❤️

    1. Thank you for the help, Katie! 8 months or earlier, ay? Wow! When he was a newborn, it felt like we’d be cosleeping forever, I can’t believe we are already to the point of transitioning him! Makes me a little sad, but also a little hopeful that I will be able to sleep comfortably again (he takes up a lot of the bed, ha ha!). Any tips for transitioning him to a crib?

      1. I’m no expert and don’t want to give bad advice! I found a lot of helpful tips on the blog A Mother Far From Home, I believe she has five kiddos! So she knows what’s up!

  2. So precious!! He gets cuter and cuter! So I tried some size 4 diapers and we had many more blowouts. I actually went back down to size 3 and that seemed to help. ‍♀️ Our boys are in the same size! Daniel still rocks some 6 month clothing! Both our guys are shorties though. ❤️

    1. Wow, that is so interesting, Nathana! When he started having daily blowouts, I moved him from size 2 to 3, and they stopped. So it really has puzzled me that he’s had them in size 4s, because they are supposed to be good until 32 lbs, and he is no where near that. Maybe I will move him into 3s again, and try that! Thanks for the tip! Your boys are SOOO cute!! I hope we can eventually get all three of our boys together for a playdate!

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