April Goals: Dandelion Pie.

April Goals

The other day I sat down, and wrote out an exhaustive list of every single thing I need to accomplish.

I wrote it in a little notebook with puppies on the cover, because I figured I would not be intimidated by a notebook with furry bundles of cuteness staring at me.April Goals

See? Just so sweet. I am feeling less stressed already looking at this little guy.

However, I think my strategy worked too efficiently, because I have gotten only a few things crossed off of my list these past few months.

Even though I have failed at getting my long to-do list done I have been getting better, and better at accomplishing daily tasks. I have learned if I write down everything I need to do the night before then I get up with that plan in mind, and my day is about a thousand times more productive. The house has stayed cleaner, amazing meals have been getting made, but my long-term to-dos have just remained in that notebook, unobserved.

This month, inspired many of my blogging friends who have been posting their monthly goals, I am starting this process myself. In the beginning of May I will revisit this goals, and tell you how I did. Accountability, let us hope, will be more a motivating factor than puppies.


Stick to our Budget: If you read what I learned in March you know that we stuck to our budget for three weeks. This month, we are striving to not go a penny over budget. Deep breath.
Exercise 3x a week: Once upon a time there was a girl named Bethany who loved to exercise. Then she went to college and became a girl who stopped exercising. Then she wrote some goals on her blog, and once again became a girl who possessed muscles! Stamina! And all those other athletic types of things! Yay!
Read 4+ Books: I am always lugging huge piles of books home from the library, and then carrying them back, unread. This travesty must stop!
Work through 4 lessons in the Tongan textbook: I have picked up some Tongan from living with hubs, but I really would like to become fluent. I have owned a textbook/CD combo for a few years now. I just need to actually begin working through the lesson!


Write four posts a week: I have so many ideas posted on my editorial calendar, and I am committing to post at least sixteen times in April.
Post a picture on Instagram daily for a month: It has been so long since I have posted my pictures from the 365 challenge (take a photo a day for a year). Posting them on Instagram will keep me more accountable.
Beat March’s unique visitors: I really love seeing continued growth here at Dandelion Pie, and I want to further my reach this month.

Well, those are my big goals for this month!

What are some of your goals for April? 

22 thoughts on “April Goals”

  1. I have been loving using the E-reader check out from my local library… it means no late fees ever! However, it is really hard to re-new anything because it puts you back at the end of the waiting list…wah wah wah. I’ve trying to get around it though by having my husband get a library card too so I can put really popular books on both account’s waiting lists so I will eventually get all of the books I want haha!

    You have a lot of great goals here- 4 posts a week is a lot!

    Also, your post about orchids really became popular when I pinned it on my pinteret- so exciting!

    1. I hadn’t even thought about using an E-reader! What a great idea! I do use Overdrive which is an app that lets me download audio-books. I have a similar problem with that app–it only lets you check them out for a few weeks at a time, and once they expire they are deleted from your queue. I always get a bit too over-eager, check out a bunch, get half way through some of them, and then they get deleted.

      Autumn, thank you so much for pinning my orchids post! I had noticed it had taken off, and I am so appreciative! Hugs!

  2. Great goals! I am trying to get back to being more active as well. Its been hard to make it a priority the past month. Hope you make time to read some books this month! That’s a fun goal!

    (visiting from The Peony Project)

  3. These are great goals! We have a lot of goals in common! I wish I could read that many books though (aka had the self-control to read instead of getting distracted by other things)! Good luck on your budget!

  4. Aww man, it’s so sad to have to return books to the library because they’re due before you even got a chance to read them! I’ve been reading a lot more this year, since I discovered our local library–it’s definitely a hobby that I’ll always love, although some seasons have less time for it than others!

  5. I am a puppy lover myself but not always a motivating factor for me either. Sticking to a budget is a hard thing to do. I am going to have to live very simply this summer and I am going to live within budget.\

  6. Wonderful goals for April! I also want to be doing more exercise this month. I can be consistent if I make an effort to, but sometimes life happens and I fall off the wagon a bit. I am hoping that with my course being done I can get out there and exercise again. I also think sticking to a budget is a good goal. I know I tend to be an impulsive spender and that can be tricky at times. I also want to be more regular in my blog posts. I haven’t blogged since last July and finally got one written today.

  7. For a person who likes to read, I have a similar “issue” with checking out books only to not read them. At least they are free.

  8. Wonderful goals, Bethie! I have been reading The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey (which I LOVE), and he advises that you ask yourself this question every morning: what are three things that, at the end of this day, I want to have accomplished? Then to spend time carefully planning how you’ll get those three things done. Also, to plan at the beginning of the way about the three things you want to accomplish by the end of the week. It has helped me take the big long exhaustive never-ending list and just tackle bite-sized portions of it. I don’t always get all 3 things done, but at least I’m making a dent. (You can borrow the book when I’m finished with it, if you’d like.)

    1. Thank you, Patricia! No, he is not ours. I wish! We are currently living in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets, but we are planning on getting a pup once we move to a new place!

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