39 Week Bumpdate with Baby #3

You guys, I could have only one week left of this pregnancy.

Say what?

I only noticed the two fuzzy little heads in the bed when I was looking at this picture later, ha! Can you spot the toddlers?

I don’t know about you, but for me–this pregnancy suddenly feels like it went really fast. I wouldn’t have said that in my first trimester (which lasted approximately 1,000 years), but the second and third trimesters just flew by. I’m still in a bit of shock that this pregnancy journey is wrapping up, and my sweet third baby could be here any day now.

39 Week Bumpdate with Baby #3

How are you feeling? Honestly, the best I’ve felt this whole pregnancy. I am energetic, I feel like myself, and I have very few symptoms. I think the third trimester is always where I feel my best. I know so many women struggle with the last few weeks, but for me–the first trimester is always THE WORST, and the third trimester is pretty comfortable. I think my long torso (giving baby lots of room to stretch out) really has helped me with this.

Any prelabor signs? I occasionally have Braxton Hicks, but I haven’t had any other signs. With my second baby, I started having what I now believe to be promdormal labor most nights throughout my 39th week–I’d wake up with what I now know were sporadic contractions (wasn’t sure at the time), and of course my water started leaking during the 39th week (which I didn’t realize until my 40 week appointment). So I am on high alert this week, although, I would honestly be okay if baby stays in there a bit longer. I’ve got things left to do, ha ha.

How was this week’s midwife appointment? My 38th week appointment was so wonderful. I met with Deann, one of the midwives, and we chatted all things VBACs, C-sections, and second babies. The midwives keep telling me that this second vaginal birth will be so much faster and easier than my last, and I do hope they are right! She felt for baby, and said baby is really low and engaged. So baby is definitely prepping for his/her entrance too!

What are your symptoms? My only symptom is quote a bit of pelvic pressure (especially when I get up first thing in the morning). Emotionally, I’m feeling pretty stable, which is pretty good for this far along.

What about the baby name? I think we have sorta-maybe settled on a first and middle name, although I am not one hundred percent sure. I’m still looking, and mulling it over.

What purchases have you made? Not very much, honestly! I added a pack of newborn diapers to my grocery order, which is super bizarre to buy such tiny diapers again! I have one last weekend of garage sales (our town is having its town-wide garage sale weekend), and I hope to snag a few more baby things. But I really don’t have many things I’m looking for. A glider + ottoman would be great, new baby clothes are always fun, and other random items. I did pick up a standing lamp off of someone’s curb, which was great! So I am still nesting, but my attention has been more focused on decluttering + cleaning rather than purchasing. I did buy some gatorade, granola bars, and other snacks for labor, though.

What’s left on your to-do list? This is my last week of virtual assistant work before I take my maternity leave so I need to wrap that up, also half-pack my hospital bag, write out the kids’ routine for when we leave them with family when we go to the hospital, and just work on keeping the house picked up and clean, since it could be go time any day now.

What have you been up to? This past weekend my little fam took a vacation to Omaha! It was only 36-hours long, but we stayed in a hotel, swam in the pool, ate at Spaghetti works, took the horse drawn carriage ride, and went to the huge zoo in Omaha. It was to celebrate our 6th anniversary/my 30th birthday/Gideon’s 4th birthday/Eloise’s 2nd birthday. Ha ha! We have a lot of celebrations between July 18th-August 24th. I am SO glad we got it in, because with both of my past pregnancies, we’d plan something really close to when baby comes, and never get to it (because the baby would have been born first). So I’m glad we got it in before baby #3 decided to appear. I wondered if all the walking at the zoo might push me into early labor, but no dice. Baby #3 stayed nice and snug in there, despite all the walking.

What are you nervous about? I am a bit nervous about labor/delivery, but other than that I feel pretty ready! I feel like my kids are going to love having this baby around, that I am as prepped as I am going to be, and that baby can show up when he/she is ready! Although I just interviewed a lady for the VBAC Babes podcast who had her baby in her car, and I’m definitely thinking about my hour-long drive to the hospital. Hopefully that’s not our story. 😉

How are you feeling about labor/delivery? I am started to get excited! Yes, I am nervous about it all. But I am super curious to see what a second VBAC will look like, and I am hoping it is faster/easier than my first. Starting to get really excited to meet this sweet baby! Is there anything better than meeting your baby for the first time?

Here’s my 39 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2 (my first baby had already been born by now!)

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