36 Week Bumpdate

36 Week Bumpdate

You guys, I only have ONE midwife appointment left before I deliver Baby L!

I am SO excited about this!! My appointment this week, actually went really, really well! Part of that was no additional bad news was revealed (thank you, Lord) and the other part that made it better was that my Mom went with me to the appointment, which was oh so fun!

I remember going with Mom to her midwife appointments (at the very same office I go to) when she was pregnant with my littlest brother. I have clear memories of going, and then either getting lunch at Taco Inn or getting smoothies from Amigo’s afterwards. So, after my appointment, when Mom suggested we grab some smoothies, it just felt so meaningful.36 Week Bumpdate

We had our third ultrasound this week, to check on whether I might have placenta accreta. The ultrasound revealed that my placenta still hasn’t budged. It would have been great if it moved, but I wasn’t counting on it. The good news is that the sonographer said she didn’t see any sign of placenta accreta, and she added that accreta is more common in women who’ve had multiple C-sections. So it looks like things will be fairly straightforward, which is a HUGE relief. My biggest fear has revolved around the possibility of needing an emergency hysterectomy if accreta is involved, and it looks like that won’t have to happen.

The ultrasound also showed that baby is head down–which I KNEW he/she had to be. I can feel those feet in my ribs! Baby’s positioning doesn’t really matter, since I have to have a C-section anyway, but last week my midwife thought baby was breech, and I told her that I really didn’t think so, based on the movement.

We did get a peek at baby, but the stinker had his/her face turned into my hip the whole time, so we didn’t get to glimpse that little face! Ah well, we will be meeting him/her in person in less than two weeks! Everything looks good with Baby L, and he/she is measuring 6 lbs 2 oz already, so he/she will be a good size even if delivered a few weeks early.

I talked to my midwife, and she wants to keep the C-section at 38 weeks, even though the surgeon wanted to move it back to 37 weeks. My midwife said that part of the reason the surgeon wanted to move the date, was due to her vacation plans (!!). So that was a bit frustrating! I definitely feel like there is some tension between the surgeon, and the midwife. But in any case, we are keeping our original C-section date unless I start having contractions or bleeding.  I don’t mind taking a little extra risk in exchange for giving baby a few more days on the inside. I know that every day he/she is in there is beneficial for baby’s health.

What’s in a name?

Hubs and I finally have our names picked out!! One gender came super easy to us–hubby literally suggested a name, and I said it was perfect. That name has been decided since the beginning of the pregnancy. But the other gender has been giving us a lot of problems. We were at a stand still about it, but this week Hubby finally sat down with me, and we chose a name that we both feel really good about. It is so important to us to choose something meaningful, and a name that will carry both of our cultures, and I think we got it! Now less than two weeks before we meet the little person who will carry one of these names!!36 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 36 weeks! Huzzah! My midwife told me that I am so lucky to have made it this far without bleeding, bed rest, or hospital stays. I am so very grateful that this pregnancy hasn’t included those things so far despite all the risks!!

Due date: August 29th is my original due date. My C-section is scheduled in my 38th week. The date is a surprise. 🙂

Gender: It’s a surprise!

How big is baby? The sonographer measured him/her as weighing 6 lbs 2 0z. Only a few more weeks until we have an actual weight to report! According to my app, Baby L is about twenty inches long, and as long as a stalk of rhubarb! Which is apropos, considering I made rhubarb muffins this week. 🙂

This week, baby: Baby is still packing on the pounds–1/2 a pound a week or more than an ounce a day. At this point, Baby is pretty much fully developed–he/she is just adding fat from here on out.

How are you feeling physically: I’m feeling great this week! A few aches and pains, but nothing terrible. The worst of my back pain seems to have gone away, which is a relief.

How are you feeling emotionally? Feeling a little more steady–although I definitely have waves of emotions now and then. This was my last week of work, at the chiropractic office, and I have definitely been mourning leaving that job a little bit!

What I’m googling: I’m back to googling “half Tongan and half white babies”, which I can hardly find any pictures. I am so curious as to what this little person will look like! I can’t wait to see him/her!

Purchases I’ve made/nesting update: Now that we have two new bookshelves (nicely arranged with books, thanks to my sis), a new tv, a new (to us) couch, a new (to us) recliner, I decided that we really still needed a big ol’ rug to tie it all together. We do have beige carpeting in our apartment, but I knew that a rug will make it feel super homey. I’d been looking at gray and white rugs on Amazon, and just happened to see one on a local buy/sell facebook group! It was one of the ones I’d seen on Amazon, but the lady was asking $50 instead of $210 it cost new! This is the exact rug that we got, and I am in love with it! It really ties together our little living room, and I’ve noticed we spend a lot more time hanging out there since we put down the rug.

Sleep: I get up a few times a night, but sleep has still been really good for this far along! I am soaking up all the sleep I can get right now, to prepare my body–and also in preparation of having a baby who will definitely cause some sleep deprivation in the coming months.36 Week Bumpdate

Best moments this week: Going to the midwife’s appt with my Mom, deciding on a name with Hubs, enjoying the 50-60 degree mornings which are incredible for a Nebraskan August!

Worst moment this week: Finishing up my job–I definitely have been feeling emotional about it!

Movement: Baby is still moving plenty. My stomach morphs into different shapes throughout the day.

Cravings/Eating: I’ve been craving chocolate smoothies lately, which is so weird for me. I make my own version at home using carob powder, milk, ice cubes, protein powder, a frozen banana, chia seeds, and flax seeds. I have one every day! They are so yummy!

Symptoms: Rib, low back, neck and hip pain.

Looking forward to: Packing my hospital bag, getting a pedicure and a massage, and celebrating my Birthday this week!

To-dos from last week:

  • Hubby-do-list: Get rid of headboard + take boxes to Goodwill (Thanks Hubs!!)
  • Make those pesky phone calls (Ugg, I hate making business-y phone calls. So glad those are done).
  • Renew license (it only took 20 mins! The fastest I’ve ever gotten in and out of the DMV).
  • Install car seat (thank you sweet readers for all your advice and resources!!)
  • Pack hospital bags
  • Finalized the names!!
  • Have budget meeting
  • Schedule pedicure

To-dos for this week:

  • Finish reading c-section book
  • Finish reading nursing book
  • Schedule the car for a service
  • Wash mattress cover
  • Pack hospital bags
  • Schedule pedicure
  • Go on one last pre-baby date with Hubs.

Any tips for what I should or should not pack in my hospital bag?

11 thoughts on “36 Week Bumpdate”

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  2. I LOVE that you guys are waiting to find out the gender. I don’t know that me and the hubs would be patient enough for that but I love seeing people do that!
    I have a feeling that my hubby and I will be struggling with a boy name if/when it comes time. haha

  3. You are such a beautiful young woman. I can’t believe it’s already almost time!! (yaaaay!) All the trials and difficulties of this pregnancy will (believe it or not!) just melt away when you hold that precious new one in your arms. You are in for a treat that nobody can really describe, in being a mother. What a gift from God that is!

    Oh, I love the sounds of that smoothie–and the rug! Way to go!

    1. Thanks, Mom! I can’t believe it is almost here, either!! I am looking forward to this difficult pregnancy being over. Hopefully the next one is smoother (knock on wood). You’ll have to see the rug the next time you are over! Saia and I just keep talking about how much we love this rug. Ha ha! We are easily pleased by things, which is good.

  4. Ohmygoodness, I am so impressed by how great you are at finding discounts! You go girl! I need to learn from you. That’s a great way to look after your family.

    So happy you guys landed on two names! I super wish I knew what that felt like right now haha, I do not like the stress of trying to narrow down all the names in the world to just two.

    Those chocolate smoothies sound delicious, I may make one in the morning! Haha, it really all depends on if I manage to get one in before Declan goes down for a nap. There’s a smoothie-making-window nowadays. What protein powder do you use? Is it paleo?

    1. Come visit me in Nebraska, and I will take you garage saling!! I know, naming is so difficult, isn’t it? Way harder than I thought it was going to be. Of course, in high school, I had a list a mile long of baby names that I loved, but I didn’t take into account that my husband would want a say in the matter, ha! And the most beautiful name I thought I had ever heard at the time was Clover for a girl. Which now I kinda wonder what I was thinking. Ha ha! There won’t be a Clover Lotulelei, but we are both feeling really good about the names we have chosen. It was especially difficult to find names that honored both of our cultures. Phew. Hang in there! I LOVE Declan’s name, and I am sure you will land on names for this new little one soon. Or, you might not until the last week or two of pregnancy, like me, and that will be okay too. Definitely take advantage of that smoothie-window, girl! You deserve it! We are currently using Standard Process’s SP Complete, and Whey Pro–they are both whole food based, and I bought them at wholesale from the chiropractic office where I work. We have also used Shakeology in the past, and we tried using Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder from Amazon (which was supposed to be like Shakeology, but a quarter of the price) and it was all manners of dreadful. We will have to consume it somehow, but my goodness does it taste terrible. Ha ha!

  5. My son is just over a month old, and I am already feeling nostalgic just reading your post!! Pregnancy looks so good on you, be sure to soak up every second of it (as I’m sure you already are!)!! I’d say your hospital bag depends greatly on your labor and delivery, thankfully having a scheduled c-section gives you a little bit of predictability! I brought my own robe, shower gel and shampoo, and even some makeup! It’s important to bring whatever you know will make YOU comfortable during your recovery. Out of everything I brought, my number one, must-have hospital bag item is definitely chapstick!! Something about the hospital air made my lips SO dry! Congratulations and good luck!! 🙂 Xoxo, Kate

    1. Aw, congrats to you on your newborn!! It is hard to believe that in a short time we will have a baby here as well. 🙂 Thank you for all the recommendations. I will definitely pack some chapstick–that is something I could’ve easily forgotten, so thank you for the tip!

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