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2 Year Blogiversary and Changes to Expect at Dandelion Pie

Two years ago I typed out my first post on Dandelion Pie.

Originally, I had planned on naming my blog Dandelion Champagne, because I loved the idea of taking something that many saw as worthless (dandelions = weeds) and transforming it into a bubbly, sparkly treat. I had never really imbibed champagne, but I was (and still am) romantic enough to love the symbolism regardless. However, the name I had hoped for was not available, and my family suggested I name my new blog Dandelion Pie. Which, in the end, is quite a bit more in line with the values I hold as a person (pie over champagne any day!). So Dandelion Pie was born.

I had wanted a blog for some time, and my brother set it up for me days before I had to leave for my summer job. I jumped in the car with my then-boyfriend and drove from Nebraska to Wyoming where we would spend the summer. I was living with my aunt and uncle and he lived next door. I spent the summer working as both an Electrician’s Apprentice and then ran a booth at the local farmer’s market while he worked as a lumberjack. I wrote many a blog post in those Wyoming mountains. That summer proved to be even more eventful than I would have imagined, because I returned to Nebraska engaged.

A lot has happened in my life since I began this blog two years ago. I have gotten engaged, started working as a Chiropractor’s assistant, got married, gone on my honeymoon, graduated from college, and struggled with baby fever. DP has grown up alongside me as I transitioned from single college girl to married young adult.

Dandelion Pie is getting a Makeover!

In the weeks to come, DP is going to be changing dramatically as I work with Sabra over at Midnight Photography and Design to create a new design. I have been dreaming about hiring a graphic designer to work with me for awhile, and I am so excited to reveal DP’s makeover in a few weeks!

I will also be transitioning to posting three times a week, and welcoming a few of my favorite bloggers to guest post on DP (If you are interested in writing a post for DP be sure to let me know via my contact form!).

Thank YOU for reading DP these past two years, and for all your sweet comments and shares. I read every comment you leave me, and I am so grateful for you!!

As a thank you, I am giving away gift cards to one lucky reader, because every birthday should include ice cream and coffee with friends, don’t you agree?

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Is there a topic you would like me to cover on DP in the next few months? Budgeting? Gardening? Newlywed life? Let me know!

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14 thoughts on “2 Year Blogiversary and Changes to Expect at Dandelion Pie”

  1. Happy 2 years of blogging to you! Thanks for explaining the meaning of your blog name–I like it, because it’s memorable, but I didn’t know any reason behind it. Oh, and I can’t find your email anywhere for replying to your comment on my blog today–but yes, like you I really appreciate the perks of having an ‘older’ husband–Angel turns 32 a couple days before I turn 25. I always figure if he can be that old, I can definitely be as old as I am. 😉

  2. I love your blog!! It has been so fun getting to know you and your husband! I found you via your mom’s blog…which I love, love love!!

  3. Oh Bethany, I can’t WAIT to see what you come up with for your beautiful space!!! 😀 So excited to check it out once it’s all revealed 🙂 So happy for you!

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