19-20 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

Will Gideon be in every bump date? Most likely. I mean, he was in all the original bump dates, now wasn’t he? 😉

The past two weeks have been a bit tough, and busy! For the past few weeks I’ve struggled on and off with migraines which then lead to decreased appetite and nausea. This week has been a lot better, so here’s hoping the worst is behind me. Last week, we packed up from Texas (where we have been living off and on for the past three months while Saia ran his brother’s roofing company) and headed back to Nebraska! Gideon flew on an airplane for the second time in his short life, and did so well. He didn’t make a peep. Such a good boy. 

I also teamed up with my Mom to throw a baby shower this past weekend for my sweet friend and sis-in-law who is due with her first baby in less than a month! While we were there, we managed to snag a bump picture along with my cousin, Cheryl!

Cheryl, 34 weeks. Catie, 36 weeks. Bethany, 19 weeks.

We are now home, getting settled in after being in limbo for the past few months.

I was thinking how nice it is that we don’t have to buy as much for a second baby, since we already have a lot of the little baby things, but then I realized that on our “to purchase” list is a minivan and a two-bedroom apartment. So…a lot less little things, and a lot more big things. Phew! I’ve been elbow-deep in researching minivans, and sleuthing out apartments and rental houses that are available in our little town.

How far along: 20 Weeks! Half-way done.

Due date: August 23rd–unless this baby comes pretty late, we will have THREE birthdays in August in our small family of four. Saia is in April, and Gideon, Baby #2 and I will all be in August (with Gideon and I actually sharing a birthday). So bizarre! Of course, this baby could come ten days late, and then he/she would be born on my Dad’s birthday, which would be neat (although I don’t relish the thought of going that late), or come four days early and land on my Grandma’s birthday. What’s your guess? Early? Late? Or a due date baby? I’ve read that on average first-time moms go to 41 weeks and 1 day which would be August 31st? But am I first time mom (since this is my first vaginal birth) or a second time mom?

Gender: Saia will find out in one and a half weeks! I will find out in 20+ weeks. Sigh.

Purchases I’ve made/what I’m dejunking: We’ve been dejunking clothes this week. Since we are going to be moving at some point this summer (from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom) I’ve especially felt the need to dejunk as much as possible.

How are you feeling? Overall, I am feeling a million times better than during the first trimester. The past few weeks I have been struggling with major headaches and migraines, but I haven’t had one now in seven days, so here’s hoping the worst is behind me! I still have a lot of food aversions, but other than that I am feeling pretty good.

Maternity clothes: I purchased a stretchy pair of maternity yoga shorts and a fun, casual dress from Old Navy (they were having an incredible clearance a few weeks ago), and I love them both! This pregnancy I really want to add a few quality pieces of clothing to my maternity stash, and I’ve really wanted to only wear super comfortable clothes.

Best moment this week:Going to the zoo with Saia and Gideon! Gideon is so much more aware than he was a few months ago when we went to the Dallas zoo, and it was so much fun!

Movement: Several times a day!

Cravings: I’ve been eating a lot of apples and homemade granola.

Symptoms: headaches, food aversions, occasional ligament pain.

Looking forward to: Looking forward to/dreading the 20-week ultrasound this week. I am always nervous about that one. But looking forward to seeing baby #2 again!

How was I feeling at 18 weeks with Gideon?

20 Week Bumpdate with Gideon

2 thoughts on “19-20 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2”

  1. Where did you get the headphones for Gideon? Are they just regular headphones or adult headphones. Our over ears headphones just broke :/ but Nora and I are planning on flying in a few weeks or so and I think I’ll need some headphones. She flew for the first time in May and did really well!! I think headphones might make it even easier though.

    1. They were just adult headphones! We just kept the sound turned low, and they worked great. That way we didn’t have to buy baby headphones that we would only use once. 😉 Good luck!! I bet she’ll do great this second time around too!

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