Dandelion_265_AdOne of the best things about blogging is the fabulous community.

My journey into blogging is nothing without all the fabulous other blogging friends I have made along the way! Here are the few other blogs in which Dandelion Pie has been mentioned or received an award:

Guest post “When Your Husband Takes Your Hand to Pray” for Barbie Swiehart

Received the One Lovely Blog Award!

My post For Those Times You Don’t Fit In was featured on Throwback Thursday.

Nominated for the Liebster Award by My Old Heart, Trissa Marie, Inspiration to Creation.

My sweet friend Alana mentioned me in her post.

My auntie wrote a post in reply to my writing about Star Wars and marriage. Her post, How Our Marriage Was Not Unlike Han and Leia’s, contains beautiful advice for married life!

My mom wrote 14 Tips for Throwing a Glorious Wedding Without Losing Your Mind (with lots of my wedding pics included!)

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