29 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

Just days away from hitting 30 Weeks Pregnant! Crazy! Every week that goes by, lately, increases my shock that I am this far along. It goes so slo–oo–owly in the first trimester, but then really speeds up at this point!

It’s been an exciting week in our household, mostly because we found a sweet little rental house, and decided to move in three weeks!

Ten days ago, we found out we wouldn’t be able to move into the fourplex we’d planned on until end of August (we had been told we could move in the end of June), so we decided not to go that route, and started searching for a two-bedroom apartment all over again. I’d been trying to resign myself to bringing baby #2 home to a our one-bedroom apartment if we couldn’t find anything. However, I am so grateful to God for helping us find this rental home, and so happy that we’ll be moved in with two months to get settled before baby’s arrival. Phew!

Here’s this week’s update: what I’ve been reading, what we talked about at this week’s midwife appointment, and more!

How far along: 29 weeks

Due date: August 23ish! Will I go early? Close to my due date? Or two weeks late (hopefully not)? I’m counting on going late, because I know that is the most normal for a first-time mom (I am a second-time mama, but this is my first spontaneous labor/delivery).

Gender: It’s a surprise! I’m still thinking girl, but not sure by any means.

This Week’s Midwife Appointment: I had my 28-week appointment this week with my favorite midwife, Karen. I passed my glucose test (yay!), and talked to her about my worries about staying in the hospital and about my continued concern about the Electronic Fetile Monitor that I will have to wear as a VBACer. She told me that we could leave the hospital at 24 hours on the dot, as long as baby was doing well, and that Gideon could stay overnight with us, which I didn’t know was an option! It definitely made me feel a little better, just in case I have a long labor and don’t want to be separated from G any longer than I need to be.

I still feel frustrated by the EFM: at our hospital I will be wearing a wireless EFM so I will be able to labor in the birth tub, the shower, or anywhere else for that matter. But my midwife did say that if the mobile unit didn’t work on me (she said unfortunately it tends to slide off of smaller mamas), then I’d have to where the wired unit, and while I wouldn’t have to be laying down, I’d be confined to movement within the wire’s reach. I could still move around the bed, but not in water or in the hallway. I asked about intermittent monitoring, and she said that wasn’t an option in the hospital with my first VBAC, but I would be able to have it with my second VBAC. I am super frustrated by having to wear a monitor, and it definitely makes me want to just not even go to the hospital until I am pushing.

I know these are hospital policies for VBACers, and that my midwives are incredibly supportive of me. Karen said that she was working hard to get me a water birth (It has been a no-no for VBACers in the hospital: you can labor in the water, but not push the baby out there, unless you just refuse to get out of the tub, ha!), and she said she is working hard to get me a birth center birth for the next baby. At the end of it all, she said: “You are going to have an amazing VBAC!”. I may not be super happy about VBAC restrictions, but I’m glad to have my midwife in my corner. 🙂

What I’ve read:

  • Mama Natural’s Guide to Pregnancy
  • The Birth Book by the Sears
  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

Currently reading:

  • Cut, Stapled, and Mended
  • Birth Without Fear by January Harshe

Baby’s heart rate: baby’s heart was beating 135 bpm this week.

How big is baby?  Baby weighs 2 1/2- 3 lbs this week, and measures around 15-16 inches. Baby is almost getting to his/her birth length, but still has to double or even triple his/her weight before birth.

Firsts: The last two weeks, I have felt the baby hiccuping for the first time.

Exercise: Lots and lots of walking. Every day I go on 1-2 walks a day.

What I’m googling: baby names, the address of our new little rental house to look at pictures of it (I am so excited!).

Purchases I’ve made: I have been busy dejunking the apartment in preparation of our move, so I haven’t really been feeling very spendy. Although I am keeping an eye out for a nice used double jogging stroller. I imagine that once we’ve moved, I’ll feel like finishing up the gathering of baby things.

The main things we really needed, we’ve acquired! Namely, our new (to us) minivan, new home, and car seat.

How are you feeling? Feeling really good! I honestly think I feel better at this point in pregnancy than I did with my first pregnancy. I think having the ability to stay physically active has helped a ton!

Maternity clothes: I’ve been enjoying wearing the maternity clothes I snagged at a garage sale last week! Yay! It is SO nice to have jeans that actually fit me. I would love to find 1-2 more comfy dresses to wear, but I’m feeling okay about my little maternity capsule wardrobe at this point.

Best moment this week: Finding out that we got the little white rental house! Huzzah! I feel SO much relief knowing that we have somewhere to move to, and knowing that I will be all settled in before the new baby comes.

Miss anything? I miss running, a lot!

Movement: The midwife encouraged me to start doing kick counts, which I never even heard about with my first pregnancy! So I’ve been thinking about that lately.

Cravings/Eating: No specific cravings this week. I’ve had a craving for peanut butter oatmeal cookies a few times in the last few weeks, but that is about it!

Symptoms: not many symptoms right now! Increased need to pee is the main one.

Looking forward to: moving in three weeks! Settling into our new little home. Buying a baby pool for our new backyard! Evenings in our backyard. A fresh start in our new little home.

And, for comparison, here is my 29 Week Bumpdate with Baby #1

That’s it for this week’s bumpdate. Tell me something new going on in your life!

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