14 Week Bumpdate

14 Week Bumpdate

I am now officially in the second trimester!

I am hoping they call it the “honeymoon phase” for a reason. I just got over a massive cold, and I am feeling more energetic than I have in weeks! I even did quite a lot of housework today, which is a huge win for this drained pregnant lady. My poor husband has forgotten that I know how to wash a dish, do laundry, or cook a basic meal.

This was a rougher week, between nausea in the evening, a really terrible virus that I couldn’t shake, and too many hours at work. But it was redeemed, in the end, when we heard Baby L’s heartbeat for the first time. Hearing that sound, really helped me to realize that there is a little person in there. This process has all felt so surreal, and since I haven’t had an ultrasound yet or anything else to confirm this pregnancy other than a slew of pregnancy tests, symptoms, and a prenatal exam–it was an immense relief to just hear that heartbeat, and know that baby is doing okay in there.

14 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 14 weeks! Officially in the second trimester! Wahoo!

Due date: August 29th.

Gender: We don’t know, and we’re keeping it a surprise. However, Baby L’s heartbeat was 148, so if you believe in the old wives’ tales then you may make your own assumptions!

How are you feeling? This was a rougher week. I struggled with a bit more evening nausea, threw up a couple of times, and came down with the third cold of my pregnancy so far. Speaking as someone who rarely gets sick, being sick with colds, sinus infections, and ear infections for the majority of my pregnancy has been really rough. It has been a bad year for illness, and working at both a doctor’s office and a college has brought me in contact with a lot of sick people. And I seem to catch every single thing I come in contact with. I have been pretty discouraged, and once I am better from this cold I am going to try to shore up my immune system to keep this from continuing to happen. 🙁

How big is baby? Baby L is 3 1/2 inches long or about the size of a nectarine! At our appointment this week, the midwife showed me a little rubber version of what Baby L looks like now. He/she is SO cute! Tiny little arms, legs, and face. Then she showed me how big Baby L will be in a month’s time: MY GOODNESS! Baby L is going to get massive in one month!

This week baby: Baby L can now squint, grimace, grown, pee, and suck his/her thumb! Baby L is growing a thin covering of hair called lanugo. Baby already has fingernails. Baby’s liver is producing bile, and his/her spleen is making red blood cells. Go baby, go!14 Week Bumpdate #14weekspregnant #bumpdate #pregnancy

Weight gain: None. The couple of pounds I gained, seemed to have disappeared during the bout with my cold. Surviving on tea, oatmeal, and fruit will do that to a person. At my midwife appointment, I had lost two pounds, but I’m not worried at this point. Lots of time to put on weight.

Maternity clothes: Not yet. Although, I am looking forward to receiving my belly band, because I honestly hate the feeling of anything cutting across my belly these days! Most of my clothes aren’t very tight, so I think they will last me awhile.

Sleep: Sleep is awesome! I had a few weeks in the beginning of my pregnancy when I dealt with insomnia (I was trying to wrap my mind around pregnancy, and felt anxious), but ever since then I have slept really well. I just wish I had time in my schedule for naps, but I never do. I work through every afternoon, and into the evening. Sad.

Exercise: Um. Nope. This cold/ear infection/sinus issues has glued me to the bed in all my time off. No exercise happening yet. But I am so hopeful that once I am finally better that I will feel good enough to start!

Best moment this week: Hearing Baby L’s heartbeat for the first time. I was just a bit nervous that they wouldn’t be able to find it, but the assistant midwife found it right away! She proceeded to follow it across my abdomen, because baby was just practicing his/her backstroke in there. Baby L kept moving from side to side. It was over far too soon. I wanted to just grab that doppler thing, and lie there for an hour or two listening to the whomp…whomp…whomp…of baby’s heart. We, also, received our free baby box from Amazon for creating a registry! I am going to do an unboxing video this week!

Worst moment this week: opening my car door, and throwing up on the street. Getting a bloody nose and throwing up due to the blood taste in my mouth. Getting sick with a cold/ear infection, and struggling to stay positive.

Miss anything? my energy. With this cold, on top of the pregnancy, I’ve felt like a slug on a log this week. I am so ready to start living life again!

Movement: I’ve had a few twinges, here and there, but I am not certain that they are Baby. But they might be…

Cravings: spaghetti and meatballs, cold green grapes, hot and sour soup, guacamole, and ice water. Fried food officially turns my stomach. Which is odd, because I lived off fried food during the first trimester. Hopefully, this is a sign that my second trimester will include healthier cravings!

Symptoms: evening nausea, susceptibility to viruses, overactive sense of smell, small appetite (just this week, I’ve noticed that I can’t eat very much at one time, it feels like my stomach is squished).

Looking forward to: six weeks until our ultrasound!!

Do you have any tips for avoiding all the colds and flus spreading around this time of year?

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  1. Overactive sense of smell really got to me! Grocery stores were difficult to walk through, especially walking past the coffee section. Congrats of hearing Baby L’s heartbeat, I think 148 means girl! Declan’s was always around 140 – so it was tough to guess, but somehow nearly everyone who saw me was like, “it’s a boy.” And it was a boy. I loved waiting to find out but it wasn’t so much of a surprise since everyone said BOY. If I would have pushed out a girl, that would have been a huge surprise.

    Hang in there with the sicknesses! They are no fun, especially while also being pregnant. My tip is just to rest and keep letting awesome hubby do the rest. Ha, I always joked with Dillon, “you make dinner and I’ll keep working on building our baby’s organs.”

  2. It’s so amazing how much growth happens from week to week! I’m 24 weeks with my first baby and it’s awesome and crazy at the same time! I got evening nausea the first trimester really bad and felt like a zombie the whole time. Around week 14 I started feeling a whole lot better. The 2nd trimester is where it’s at!! Wishing you a smooth remainder of your pregnancy!

  3. Congrats on hearing the heartbeat for the first time…so exciting. I still remember hearing my oldests’ heartbeat for the first time, and just how strange/wonderful/awesome it was. I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. I hope the next trimester brings you more energy and no more sickness.

  4. Congratulations!! Isn’t hearing that baby’s heartbeat so amazing? While everyone’s experience is different, I’ve found that the second trimester is truly the “honeymoon phase.” By week 16, I started feeling “back to normal” at least as normal pregnancy gets. Hope you also have a good trimester as well!

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