valentine's day

Our Little Valentine is Due in August!

…drum roll please…we’ve got a BIG secret, and today is the perfect day to spill! I am pregnant! We are due in the end of August! It has been a bit quiet on Dandelion Pie, and the only excuse I can give you is that my mind is so wrapped up in all things baby that I…

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We’re Going to Make It, You and I.

We’re going to make it, you and I. You married a girl with stars in her eyes, and dreams in her belly. A girl with an image in her mind of what romance was supposed to look like based on twenty-three years of romantic comedies, books about knights in shining armor, and long lists of all…

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26 Gifts For Him: For All Five Love Languages

Have you and your fella taken the 5 Love Languages test? This short love languages quiz radically changed how I approach loving my husband. I always used to buy him a lot of little gifts throughout the year. I would grab a bag of pistachio nuts, a couple hymnals for his collection or a rugby shirt. He was so sweet about…

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