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2 Year Blogiversary and Changes to Expect at Dandelion Pie

Two years ago I typed out my first post on Dandelion Pie. Originally, I had planned on naming my blog Dandelion Champagne, because I loved the idea of taking something that many saw as worthless (dandelions = weeds) and transforming it into a bubbly, sparkly treat. I had never really imbibed champagne, but I was…

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How to Clean Your Closet for Good

I opened up my closet this weekend, and an avalanche of clothes fell out practically burying me with cotton, muslin, and wool. I grabbed a trash bag to begin sorting clothes to send to Goodwill, but every item I picked up flooded me with memories. One dress was a what I wore on our honeymoon,…

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5 Things I Learned in February

February is the most misunderstood of all the months. If she were a person then she would be the kid in the corner with bangs hanging in her eyes, and a peculiar smell about her. Intent on finding something encouraging to write about this rather abysmal month, I searched and searched for a pleasant quote…

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Dallas on the Weekend

Sprinkles, cupcakes, kava, laughter, babies, and luxury hotels. This describes my past weekend. My hubs is from Hawaii, and I am from Nebraska. We are finishing up our undergrad degrees in Nebraska, and unfortunately don’t get to see his family as much as we would like. About a month ago when we found out a…

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Adventures of a Newlywed // Conquering Clutter

I was five years old, and I desperately wanted a gerbil. My Mom told me if I could keep my room clean for three months then I could have a furry little pet I so desired. Somehow {and I suspect with lots of help} I kept my room clean, I got my gerbil, and have…

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