• How to Prepare for a VBAC

    So you want a VBAC? You had a c-section last time, because you failed to progress, or maybe they told you the baby would be too big, or that your pelvis was too small or maybe you had complete placenta previa (like I did): you had a frustrating birth experience and you are dreaming of VBACing next time, but you… [Continue Reading]

    How to Prepare for a VBAC
  • Questions I’d Like to Ask a Mom Friend Vol. 2

    Questions, I have a lot of them. This mom gig didn’t come with a manual (or maybe the hospital forgot to give me my copy?). I wrote my first edition of Questions I’d Like to Ask a Mom Friend back when Gideon was only a few months old. I was sitting alone in the apartment nursing him, worrying about all… [Continue Reading]

    Questions I’d Like to Ask a Mom Friend Vol. 2
  • How I’m Tricking Myself into Actually Achieving My Goals

    One day I realized I needed to start tricking myself into achieving my goals. Maybe it was that I turned twenty-seven, inching ever nearer to the big 3-0. Maybe it was because I slept through the night for the first time in three-quarters of a year, and my brain was finally firing on all cylinders. Maybe it was months of… [Continue Reading]

    How I’m Tricking Myself into Actually Achieving My Goals
  • 8 Things I Will Do Differently with My Second Pregnancy

    Saia and I are pretty vocal about the fact that we dream of a big family. So while I am not pregnant right now, sometime in the next few years we definitely are hoping for a second baby. I had a tough pregnancy the first time around. I had a high-risk pregnancy due to complete placenta previa that necessitated a C-section… [Continue Reading]

    8 Things I Will Do Differently with My Second Pregnancy
  • Mornings are for Making

    It has been a whirlwind summer in the Lotulelei household. Back in May, Saia quit his job, and launched his own business, a masonry company. He has been working long days all summer, generally six days a week, 10-hour days, and taking a day off whenever it rains. Gideon started the summer barely army crawling, and ended it taking his… [Continue Reading]

    Mornings are for Making

Our Experience with Christian Healthcare Ministries’ Maternity Program

The cost for my prenatal care, C-section, and six week follow up ended up being $20,000. Well, $21, 331.93, to be exact. Back when I was struggling with baby fever, I remember trying to decide if I should raise our insurance to fully cover all things maternity. My insurance level, at the time, would have covered just the delivery–no prenatal…

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Gideon: 5 Month Update

Gideon is 5 months old! I tell him all the time–“you are the cutest baby, ever!” and, in this mama’s eyes, he is! He is so sweet, and funny these days. I love that he has started flailing his little arms and legs. He gets so excited that he windmills his arms, and you can hear them go “plop, plop,…

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First Grocery Shopping Trip with Baby

Things are beginning to click in this new mom life. Last week, I left Gideon home with his Papa, and I went grocery shopping alone. As I puttered through the aisles, listening to my podcast, nonchalantly tossing cans of coconut milk and heads of lettuce into my shopping cart, I paused, smiled, and said to myself: “You’ve come far, Bethany…

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10 Time Saving Hacks for Busy Moms

Free time has taken on a whole new meaning now that I am a mom. Before I had my baby boy, it didn’t matter if my phone took five minutes to load a website, my coffee took twenty minutes to make or I had to run a package to the Post Office. I had oodles of time. I don’t have as…

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Goals and Word of the Year for 2018

Word of the Year I’ve been trying to decide on a 2018 word of the year for weeks now. Last year I chose the word “risk”, because I wanted it to be the year that I finally took a few risks both personally and professionally. I wanted to be unafraid of all the changes that I knew was coming my…

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What should I write about this year?

Happy New Year, sweet readers! How did you ring in the new year? Last night Gideon was asleep by 8, and Hubs and I spent about an hour, dreaming, trouble-shooting, and writing down our goals for this year. We talked about what we wanted to accomplish in 2018: in our home, with our finances, in our marriage, and in our…

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Gideon: 4 Month Update

This has been such a fun month in our little man’s life! In the past month, he has become interested in toys, rolled over, started to figure out how to grab toys, started being okay being put down a little more, began chattering away all the time, and started to laugh a lot. He really has become so much more aware of the world,…

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Gideon: 3 month update

My baby boy is three months old! The last three months have been such a blur, I cannot believe that my little newborn is now a smiley, giggly three month old! Every day, Gideon is discovering new things, and it is so much fun to watch. I love being his mama so much! Gideon is such a sweet baby. He…

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Questions I’d Like to Ask a Mom Friend

Gideon is napping on me, and I am hungry. One of the great conundrums in my life right now is this: Gideon is crying so I sit down to nurse him, and then he promptly falls asleep on me. If I stir, then he will wake up and be cranky, and it will take another half hour to get him…

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Breastfeeding Must-Haves

Breastfeeding is tough for so many mamas. My main concern about breastfeeding, was the fear that Gideon would have difficulties, since he came three weeks early. But much to my surprise (and relief!) he took to it like a fish to water, a bird to the sky, a rhinoceros to…um…? You get the idea. Gideon has always been a natural…

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