• FREE Birth Affirmations Printable

    One item on my pre-baby to-do list with baby #2 was to search out a handful (or a dozen) birth affirmations that will encourage me during birth. So I did a bit of research, sifted through dozens of affirmations, and finally I designed this fun (and free) Birth Affirmations Printable for all of you! Birth affirmations or mantras can be… [Continue Reading]

    FREE Birth Affirmations Printable
  • 33 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

    Next month is baby month! That can’t be right, can it? Seven weeks left. The countdown is on. I’ve been a lot more tired and achy this week than in previous weeks, but I think that is due to the fact that we just moved! This past week has been packed (pun intended) with boxing up all our belongings, scrubbing… [Continue Reading]

    33 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2
  • 32 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

    32 weeks down. 8-10 to go! It is CRAZY to me that we are mere days away from July, and I’ll be able to say that next month is baby month! I feel like the further along in pregnancy you get, the more surreal everything becomes. The first trimester lasts a million years (because you feel so gross), the second… [Continue Reading]

    32 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2
  • My Pre-Baby To Do List with Baby #2

    Exactly two years ago this week, I posted my pre-baby to do list with baby #1! Since baby #1 and baby #2’s due dates are only six days apart, it has been fun (and a bit surreal) to compare both pregnancies every step of the way. This post may contain affiliate links. When I first found out I was pregnant,… [Continue Reading]

    My Pre-Baby To Do List with Baby #2
  • We’re Moving into a 750 Sq Ft House And I Couldn’t Be Happier

    We started searching for a two-bedroom apartment, duplex or house back in February. The rental market is insane in our tiny college town: there are two dozen people competing for every rental at any given time. The local Facebook group that lists all the current rentals is filled with dozens of anxious posts from people looking to move, with no… [Continue Reading]

    We’re Moving into a 750 Sq Ft House And I Couldn’t Be Happier

A Walk in the Woods

Warrior Man and I are working, and living in Wyoming this summer. He is living in a loft apartment, and I am living with my Aunt and Uncle. We miss our families dreadfully, but have been hurriedly refilling our bank accounts for college this fall. Warrior Man has been working as a Lumberjack out in the woods, and I have…

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Misspent Words

Misspent: adjective, spent wrongly or unwisely; squander, wasted: misspent youth. Language is powerful. Words have ignited wrath between families, began life-long romances, and started wars between countries. We deal daily with the ramifications of not only our actions, but also the things that we say. I work in a construction site where I am one of a scant few that…

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How to be Brave: 5 Tips

This past week I began my job as Electrician’s Apprentice for a local electrical company in Wyoming. As I headed into this job early Monday morning I was gripped with fear, anxiety, and doubt. When I drove up to the construction site, and saw myriad men walking purposefully around this elementary school in hard hats, and orange jackets I wanted…

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New Beginnings

Hello friends! There is a beautiful type of symmetry when it comes to life sometimes. Just as I begin this new creative project {the blog!} I am also living in an entirely new place for the summer. I am a Nebraska girl–born, and bred. But this summer I have packed up my large amount of clothes meager belongings in order…

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