Are you Interested in Starting an Etsy Shop? Plus a Giveaway!

Did you know women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreunears in America? Because of the internet, and the fact the world is becoming increasingly flat (meaning everyone is on the same playing field because of the web) women are flourishing in business like never before! This semester I have been taking Intro to Business, and I have to admit…

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Please Don’t Glare At Me

I kept a somewhat strained angelic smile on my face as I listened to the woman tell me all the ways my relationship might fail. She flippantly chattered on about a friend of hers who had married a man from the same culture mine comes from, how terribly hard it was to meld cultures, how difficult the family dynamic was, and…

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If He Forgot Valentine’s Day {or your Birthday…or Mother’s Day…}

Last week as I scrolled through facebook one sentence jumped off the screen, and hit me in the face with the force of a semi truck. And since I absorbed those few words strung together I haven’t been able to get out of my mind. It was some relationship advice someone posted

Why it is Always Okay to Brag About Your Man

A few weeks ago I wrote I Give You Permission to Brag About Your Man on a whim. I wanted to dedicate a post to the fella who has encouraged me daily for the past two years. When I first decided to make it a linkup I had no idea how many ladies would jump on the idea, and how…

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Why Contentment is One Size Fits All

  My discontent began growing in my junior year in high school. Up until that point I had lived my life in blissful satisfaction, but once I began to face the limitless and terrifying question of “What’s next?” I began to melt down. What followed was several years of endless

What’s Saving My Life Right Now

This time of year can really drag a gal down, can’t it? Even perennially sunny souls such as myself can feel the doldrums set in with alarming speed. Times like these require a bit of pampering, a bit of whistling into the wind, and a reminder to focus on the blue sky instead of the ice. This week I am…

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I’m Bribing Myself to Get my To-Do List Done {And Why You Should Too}

So, it’s February, friends. The balmy month of January is o’er. Here in the Midwest we have been inundated with massive amounts of snow. And icy winds. And sleet. And some negative temps thrown in just for good measure. As the snow falls, as my car continues to be frozen shut most days, and when my hands swell from the cold I…

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What I Learned in January

First of all, ladies, let me give a big THANK YOU for all of you who joined in the fun of bragging on your man! I was so touched, and overwhelmed by the response you showed me in your blog posts, comments, and facebook posts. Thank you for taking the time to celebrate the incredible men in your lives. I…

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I Give You Permission to Brag About Your Man {A linkup!}

Hey friends! I am really excited today because in this post, I am challenging you to find ten things that you love about your man, write a blog post, and link to your post in the comments below, and I will choose my favorite to highlight next week! Check out my list at the end of this post. This past…

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