• 18 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

    Hey sweet readers! Long time no see! The past six months have been so very busy: in-between sleep struggles with Gideon, working a lot of hours as a work-at-home-mama, the holidays, and my first trimester I just didn’t have it in me to fit in blogging as well. I have really missed my readers, sharing my stories, and chronicling all… [Continue Reading]

    18 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2
  • The Stroller Mom’s Autumn Bucket List + Free Printable

    Autumn smells like cinnamon rolls, new pencils, and pumpkin pie. Fall is officially here. Time to clean up the garden, pull out the sweaters, and swap out the iced coffee for hot. This short season gets a bad rap sometimes. In Nebraska, we collectively mourn the end of summer, because we are dreading the return of ice, snow, and long… [Continue Reading]

    The Stroller Mom’s Autumn Bucket List + Free Printable
  • In Which We Go Vegan

    We were eating homemade ribs, when he said it. He was eating his second plate of ribs: sauce dripping down his chin and pooling on top of the mashed potatoes and french bread. I was feeding shreds of meat to our one-year-old, thinking about what I was going to make for breakfast the next morning. You never know when your… [Continue Reading]

    In Which We Go Vegan
  • I Can’t be a People Pleaser AND a Mom

    I struggle with people pleasing. I remember the first time someone I was uncomfortable with held my baby, and my people pleasing tendencies kept me silent. The visitor took a shaky step as she held my two-day-old baby. My postpartum anxiety rose in my throat, almost choked me as I watched, and tried to think of a nice way to… [Continue Reading]

    I Can’t be a People Pleaser AND a Mom
  • How to Prepare for a VBAC

    So you want a VBAC? You had a c-section last time, because you failed to progress, or maybe they told you the baby would be too big, or that your pelvis was too small or maybe you had complete placenta previa (like I did): you had a frustrating birth experience and you are dreaming of VBACing next time, but you… [Continue Reading]

    How to Prepare for a VBAC

The Significance of Sea Turtles

I always sit in the front row in class. Perhaps it is my perfectionist tendencies kicking in. Perhaps it is because I get too distracted by the other students when I sit behind them {did she get a haircut? What is he eating? Are they together? He’s falling asleep!}. In any case, my propensity to always sit in the front…

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Crumpled Schedule

This damp, and soggy day is the first day of school here at York College. And I cannot help but wish I could take the hand of every anxiety-ridden Freshman here, and give them a bit of comfort. I watch her as she anxiously marches her way across campus. Her new clothes stretch, and pull, and she sighs as the rain begins to…

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Words on Becoming Affianced

We hiked up a trail covered in white stones, and past a churning creek. It was a cool day, and I was keeping my eyes peeled for a moose. Warrior Man was distracted. At the top of the trail in a shady hollow, sitting on some monster rocks, beside the raging rapids he said some true, and sweet words–and beside…

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Four Wheelers: What They Taught Me About Love

A four wheeler can teach a girl a lot about her relationship with her fella. A four wheeler can teach a girl a lot about her relationship with her fella. Click To Tweet This past week Warrior Man, and I went on a crazy journey up a mountain, on a four wheeler, accompanied by Uncle, and Aunt on their own…

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Senior Year Tips for Homeschoolers

Recently, I was talking with a homeschooling mom who was confessing her anxiety when it came to her eldest daughter’s senior year. She was asking me about ACT tests, college interviews, and the like. This caused me to think back on my senior year, and the immense amount of stress I felt, and all the valuable lessons I learned. My…

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Fresh Towels

This summer after  finishing a job I loathed, and gambling for joy by pursuing other part-time jobs that I would love, I have found myself working a smattering of odd, and whimsical jobs that have filled me with peace, and taught me quite a bit. One of the jobs that I have been working, has been cleaning rooms for a…

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The Courage to Finish

Lisa-Jo Baker began this week’s  Five Minute Friday with the words: “We tend to think that starting is the hardest part of the story. I think it’s finishing”, and I agree wholeheartedly. This is something I have been mulling over a lot lately. How difficult it is to move on from a stage of your life that you have grown…

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{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday

Hey Friends! I am linking up with 5 Minutes For Mom at  www.5minutesformom.com/93321/ww-harrison-hot-springs/ for Wordless Wednesday! Here are some pictures of the WYO Sheridan Rodeo we recently attended. It was fantastically fun-the air was filled with dust stirred up by the horses’ hooves, the clown did stunts between acts, and the bucking broncos were incredibly terrifying {as they should be…

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Rest Awhile

It is a warm, and sleepy kind of evening. The thick overhang of clouds has dissipated leaving a simple, hazy summer night. My hair is hanging in wet clumps from my shower, and errant strands drop glistening bits of water next to my old laptop as my fingertips clatter away anxiously across the keyboard. The air conditioner is humming away…

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For Your Worried Heart

It was a Saturday night, and I had a babysitting job. I parked my car, and walked up the overgrown path towards the yellow ranch house. Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door.  I stood there, that evening, my hands aching from tiredness, and my heart greatly overwrought. After a long work week, and making the decision to…

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