• We’re Moving into a 750 Sq Ft House And I Couldn’t Be Happier

    We started searching for a two-bedroom apartment, duplex or house back in February. The rental market is insane in our tiny college town: there are two dozen people competing for every rental at any given time. The local Facebook group that lists all the current rentals is filled with dozens of anxious posts from people looking to move, with no… [Continue Reading]

    We’re Moving into a 750 Sq Ft House And I Couldn’t Be Happier
  • 31 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

    31 Weeks Pregnant. It is crazy to think that this baby will be here in 9-11 weeks. Even crazier to think that Gideon arrived at 37 weeks! We really are in the final stretch, and that is simultaneously exciting and terrifying! The past two weeks have been a bit rough, Gideon and I both came down with a virus, and… [Continue Reading]

    31 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2
  • 29 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

    Just days away from hitting 30 Weeks Pregnant! Crazy! Every week that goes by, lately, increases my shock that I am this far along. It goes so slo–oo–owly in the first trimester, but then really speeds up at this point! It’s been an exciting week in our household, mostly because we found a sweet little rental house, and decided to… [Continue Reading]

    29 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2
  • Questions I Have About Labor and Delivery

    I am a second-time mom, but I’ve never experienced a single contraction. I had a C-section with my first baby. This time around, I am SO excited that I don’t have complete placenta previa, and that I am getting to plan a VBAC! Now that I have entered the third trimester, I am guzzling my red raspberry leaf tea (believed… [Continue Reading]

    Questions I Have About Labor and Delivery
  • 28 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

    Third trimester, baby! If I was to sum up my first two trimesters it would go like this: First trimester: utterly exhausted, can’t find anything to eat, losing weight, and barely holding on. Second trimester: renewed zest for life, eating everything in sight, and feeling like myself again. Needless to say, the second trimester treated me a lot better than… [Continue Reading]

    28 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

What I Learned in January

First of all, ladies, let me give a big THANK YOU for all of you who joined in the fun of bragging on your man! I was so touched, and overwhelmed by the response you showed me in your blog posts, comments, and facebook posts. Thank you for taking the time to celebrate the incredible men in your lives. I…

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I Give You Permission to Brag About Your Man {A linkup!}

Hey friends! I am really excited today because in this post, I am challenging you to find ten things that you love about your man, write a blog post, and link to your post in the comments below, and I will choose my favorite to highlight next week! Check out my list at the end of this post. This past…

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{this moment}

I am joining Amanda, my Mom, and my sister in celebrating one beautiful moment from this week, caught through photography. Life is a beautiful tapestry of significant stitches in time. I am guilty of

For A Dark January Day When You Need Encouragement

Let’s take a few minutes to breathe, friends, shall we? I know that with January comes all the maelstrom of tasks that you have put off, the bills that need to be paid, and a slow weariness that permeates the soul. But we need not make those tasks into excuses for grumpiness. The wind cut sharply through my coat this morning, and as…

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From Petrified to Purposeful: How I Became a Ballet Teacher

I have committed to saying no to the activities in my life that are draining me dry. Read that post here. But in my evaluation process of which things to keep, and which things to toss in the proverbial shredder, I have discovered how very grateful I am for the myriad blessings I have every day. A few months ago,…

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For Those Times You Can’t Say No: #theyearofno

As a little girl I was as enthralled with musical theater as I am to this very day. I remember twirling on the tall chair in my Mom’s studio, my band-aided knees swinging like windmills,  singing at the top of my lungs to the soundtrack of Oklahoma. My favorite song was Ado Annie’s solo “I Cain’t Say No”. I crooned…

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Engaged Girls in the Bible // Mary // Part One

Christmas Eve service found me standing in a sparkly red dress with my family, holding my candle, and wincing as the hot wax dripped on my hand, and seared my flesh with alarming rapidity. As I stood, wincing with the pain, I listened to the the story of Jesus’ birth. I had listened to this story many times before, but…

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Interview with Tanya, and a GIVEAWAY!!

Have you realized yet, sweet friends, that it is December? Christmas is only a few weeks away, and with that beautiful holiday comes gads of Christmas shopping! Today, I am so excited to introduce you to Tanya who runs one of my favorite Etsy shops. She and I are running a giveaway for the sweetest neck warmer that you have…

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All I Want for Christmas is a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

You have pinned pictures of them on your “Dream Home” boards, glanced past them on your favorite blog, and pondered their fascinatingly large leaves on interior decorating blogs. Whether you know their name or not, these strange sculptural, and spidery beauties are everywhere these days which is usually more than enough reason for me to run away from the bandwagon…

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