• 26 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

    Twenty-six weeks along! Lately, I’ve been feeling huge! I had to dig up pictures from my 26 Week Bumpdate with Baby #1 to compare, because it just feels like I am way bigger this time around, but I don’t think I really am. Honestly, more than anything, I feel a bit bewildered that I am this far along. The first… [Continue Reading]

    26 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2
  • Thoughts On Becoming a Minivan Mom (Plus an Important Question for my Readers!)

    When people first heard that I was looking for a minivan, they often turned to me–with empathy pooling in their eyes–and asked “and how are you doing with that decision”? Almost as if becoming a minivan driver is akin to a serious illness. But the truth is, I am not worried about turning in my cool card. In fact, I… [Continue Reading]

    Thoughts On Becoming a Minivan Mom (Plus an Important Question for my Readers!)
  • 24 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

    For half a second, I thought I was twenty-five weeks pregnant this week. I had to look up last week’s bumpdate in order to figure out what week I was. That’s just a second pregnancy for ya. 😉 I am 24 (not 25) weeks pregnant this week! This is a big week for baby #2 (affectionately known as Two-ey), because… [Continue Reading]

    24 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2
  • 23 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

    Spring has unfurled slowly this year, leaf by leaf. It has been such a beautiful experience, with both of my pregnancies, that the day I started feeling better physically directly corresponded with the arrival of spring. I have always been sickest in my first trimester, which then turns into dreadful headaches and continued food aversions at the beginning of my… [Continue Reading]

    23 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2
  • 22 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

    Time for another bumpdate! This has been the easiest week so far in pregnancy-land! We learned a lot of good news last week at our anatomy scan, and this week my symptoms have been at an all time low, food has started tasting better (just in time for Easter) and Gideon and I have been getting out every day to… [Continue Reading]

    22 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

In Which We Go Vegan

We were eating homemade ribs, when he said it. He was eating his second plate of ribs: sauce dripping down his chin and pooling on top of the mashed potatoes and french bread. I was feeding shreds of meat to our one-year-old, thinking about what I was going to make for breakfast the next morning. You never know when your…

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I Can’t be a People Pleaser AND a Mom

I struggle with people pleasing. I remember the first time someone I was uncomfortable with held my baby, and my people pleasing tendencies kept me silent. The visitor took a shaky step as she held my two-day-old baby. My postpartum anxiety rose in my throat, almost choked me as I watched, and tried to think of a nice way to…

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How to Prepare for a VBAC

So you want a VBAC? You had a c-section last time, because you failed to progress, or maybe they told you the baby would be too big, or that your pelvis was too small or maybe you had complete placenta previa (like I did): you had a frustrating birth experience and you are dreaming of VBACing next time, but you…

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Questions I’d Like to Ask a Mom Friend Vol. 2

Questions, I have a lot of them. This mom gig didn’t come with a manual (or maybe the hospital forgot to give me my copy?). I wrote my first edition of Questions I’d Like to Ask a Mom Friend back when Gideon was only a few months old. I was sitting alone in the apartment nursing him, worrying about all…

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How I’m Tricking Myself into Actually Achieving My Goals

One day I realized I needed to start tricking myself into achieving my goals. Maybe it was that I turned twenty-seven, inching ever nearer to the big 3-0. Maybe it was because I slept through the night for the first time in three-quarters of a year, and my brain was finally firing on all cylinders. Maybe it was months of…

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8 Things I Will Do Differently with My Second Pregnancy

Saia and I are pretty vocal about the fact that we dream of a big family. So while I am not pregnant right now, sometime in the next few years we definitely are hoping for a second baby. I had a tough pregnancy the first time around. I had a high-risk pregnancy due to complete placenta previa that necessitated a C-section…

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Mornings are for Making

It has been a whirlwind summer in the Lotulelei household. Back in May, Saia quit his job, and launched his own business, a masonry company. He has been working long days all summer, generally six days a week, 10-hour days, and taking a day off whenever it rains. Gideon started the summer barely army crawling, and ended it taking his…

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Coconut Walnut Pancakes

I didn’t eat many coconut products before I married my Polynesian husband. Sure I ate the odd coconut cookie and my mom used coconut oil for cooking, but beyond that I had barely tipped my toes in the pool of coconut products. Nowadays you can find me going through gallons of coconut oil (using it for everything from bullet proof…

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We’ve Moved!

Hey sweet readers! Long time, no see! Welcome to my NEW and IMPROVED blog! All summer I have been dreaming about writing in a new space, and after sifting through hundreds of name ideas I finally settled on one that fits my current stage of life–The Stroller Mom. Back in the summer of 2013, I launched my first blog—Dandelion Pie….

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