• The Stroller Mom’s Autumn Bucket List + Free Printable

    Autumn smells like cinnamon rolls, new pencils, and pumpkin pie. Fall is officially here. Time to clean up the garden, pull out the sweaters, and swap out the iced coffee for hot. This short season gets a bad rap sometimes. In Nebraska, we collectively mourn the end of summer, because we are dreading the return of ice, snow, and long… [Continue Reading]

    The Stroller Mom’s Autumn Bucket List + Free Printable
  • In Which We Go Vegan

    We were eating homemade ribs, when he said it. He was eating his second plate of ribs: sauce dripping down his chin and pooling on top of the mashed potatoes and french bread. I was feeding shreds of meat to our one-year-old, thinking about what I was going to make for breakfast the next morning. You never know when your… [Continue Reading]

    In Which We Go Vegan
  • I Can’t be a People Pleaser AND a Mom

    I struggle with people pleasing. I remember the first time someone I was uncomfortable with held my baby, and my people pleasing tendencies kept me silent. The visitor took a shaky step as she held my two-day-old baby. My postpartum anxiety rose in my throat, almost choked me as I watched, and tried to think of a nice way to… [Continue Reading]

    I Can’t be a People Pleaser AND a Mom
  • How to Prepare for a VBAC

    So you want a VBAC? You had a c-section last time, because you failed to progress, or maybe they told you the baby would be too big, or that your pelvis was too small or maybe you had complete placenta previa (like I did): you had a frustrating birth experience and you are dreaming of VBACing next time, but you… [Continue Reading]

    How to Prepare for a VBAC
  • Questions I’d Like to Ask a Mom Friend Vol. 2

    Questions, I have a lot of them. This mom gig didn’t come with a manual (or maybe the hospital forgot to give me my copy?). I wrote my first edition of Questions I’d Like to Ask a Mom Friend back when Gideon was only a few months old. I was sitting alone in the apartment nursing him, worrying about all… [Continue Reading]

    Questions I’d Like to Ask a Mom Friend Vol. 2

For Those Times You Can’t Say No: #theyearofno

As a little girl I was as enthralled with musical theater as I am to this very day. I remember twirling on the tall chair in my Mom’s studio, my band-aided knees swinging like windmills,  singing at the top of my lungs to the soundtrack of Oklahoma. My favorite song was Ado Annie’s solo “I Cain’t Say No”. I crooned…

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Engaged Girls in the Bible // Mary // Part One

Christmas Eve service found me standing in a sparkly red dress with my family, holding my candle, and wincing as the hot wax dripped on my hand, and seared my flesh with alarming rapidity. As I stood, wincing with the pain, I listened to the the story of Jesus’ birth. I had listened to this story many times before, but…

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Interview with Tanya, and a GIVEAWAY!!

Have you realized yet, sweet friends, that it is December? Christmas is only a few weeks away, and with that beautiful holiday comes gads of Christmas shopping! Today, I am so excited to introduce you to Tanya who runs one of my favorite Etsy shops. She and I are running a giveaway for the sweetest neck warmer that you have…

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All I Want for Christmas is a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

You have pinned pictures of them on your “Dream Home” boards, glanced past them on your favorite blog, and pondered their fascinatingly large leaves on interior decorating blogs. Whether you know their name or not, these strange sculptural, and spidery beauties are everywhere these days which is usually more than enough reason for me to run away from the bandwagon…

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Blog Hop #3: Ready Set Snap Saturday!

As I sit down to type this morning the snow is falling in heavy clouds outside, the wind is whistling around the corner of the house, and Warrior Man is whistling tunelessly as he heads out to wrestling practice. This week has been a crazy one to be sure. I have been directing a One Act for my one of…

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Wordless Wednesday: Wrestler in Library

Wednesdays can be hard, y’all. Here is my benediction for you on this day in the middle of the week. Wherever it finds you, may it give you peace: “Be true to yourself, help others, make each day your masterpiece, make friendship a fine art, drink deeply from good books – especially the Bible, build a shelter against a rainy…

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Ready-Set-Snap Saturday! Or…My Week in Pictures

      There is something so magical about snapping a picture every day. I love glorifying the mundane, and showcasing the beauty in the daily, don’t you? Taking pictures reminds me that my life is beautiful, fantastic, and filled with blessings. And that made this challenge worth it. Do you, too, want to participate in this fun challenge of…

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30 Days of Self Portraits: “Ready-Set-Snap!”

Today, Warrior Man and I are getting our engagement pictures taken, and I can’t be more excited! Last night we raced to the Big City to go shopping for some new duds to wear in the pictures, and I must say that I think we will look pretty snazzy. It was the most unusual shopping trip, and date that I…

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I Dare You to Trust God With Your Dreams

I am tickled this week to join a fearless bunch of women bloggers in five minutes of unedited writing. An online flash mob of writers who are intent on throwing their caution, and perfectionism to the wind. This week our prompt word is “Dare”.   START I whispered to myself tersely that my anxiety was, in actuality, excitement. I tried…

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